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… and let’s join Robert Kennedy, Jr., in stopping Mountain Top Removal

First… go see The Last Mountain if you can.

Of course, we haven’t done much so far to preserve our WV mountaintops from Massey Energy and the coal mining ilk:

Before we get to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and coal mining in West Virginia and the documentary “The Last Mountain,” let me take a minute to congratulate my generation for having been sanctimonious about the environment for 20 years or so while allowing the whole situation to get a lot worse all across the board. Great work, everybody! Let’s give ourselves a hand.

– Andrew O’Hehir, movie reviewer in Salon

Bobby Jr. is campaigning against the destruction of the mineral-rich region in south central West Virginia where Massey Energy and other companies have already blasted several mountains to aqay, causing regional ugliness, pollution and the loss of homes for people who can’t afford it. ( as O’Hehir says “by some estimates, the explosive power of the Hiroshima bomb is deployed in the region every week”).

Kennedy has legitimately pointed the finger at Congressional bribery in campaign funding, which means our Reps and Senators… and local and state officials… have done nothing in thirty years to stop this activity… indeed, most of them have encouraged it.

One of the statements Bobby Jr. has made in supporting the film, the Last Mountain, was this, quoted in the Washington Post last month:

“I would like Obama to stop saying that ‘clean coal’ phrase. I would like him to end the subsidies to coal and oil, and do things we need to do to rationalize free market capitalism in this country so we can have real free market capitalism, and give proper incentives to wind and solar, which we are going to need to beat the Chinese in the marketplace and restore prosperity in our country.”

If you are a West Virginian ( or from any one of the nearby affected states… hell, if you are from anywhere in the country!) Write to the Charleston, WV Field Office of OSMRE (Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement) at 1027 Virginia Street East,
Charleston, WV 25301 … or e-mail Also contact the WV Department of Environmental Protection, Director Randy Huffman at 601 57th Street SE, Charleston, WV 25304… or e-mail to

It’s up to us!

“The Last Mountain” is now playing at the  E Street Cinema in Washington, DC. That’s the closest I could find to us.


David Frye, Nixon impersonator, dies at 77…

With a career that shriveled up after Nixon’s resignation, David Frye was an impressionist who triumphed as the Number 1 impersonation of the then President. I loved watching him. Oh, he did other impersonations… Johnson, Bobby Kennedy and later, as he tried to revive his success, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

In an Esquire interview, Frye defined his approach to Nixon:

“I do Nixon not by copying his real actions but by feeling his attitude, which is that he cannot believe that he really is president.”

Frye died on Monday in Las Vegas of a heart attack.