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I’ve got TWO plays to see at CATF today…

“For 20 years, in the oldest town in West Virginia, new plays have had a home and a loyal audience.  The Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd University is a dream for the writers of those plays.”

NPR’s Morning Edition – June 2010

On Saturday my wife and I were at the invited dress rehearsal of Kyle Bradstreet’s From Prague, one of the five plays I’m doing reviews for at WSHC. I won’t comment on it now (I do my reviews on Friday and they will be scattered through WSHC broadcasts at 89.7 FM… plus they will be reproduced on this blog and I’ll discuss them on next week’s Podcast), but I will say that it was one of the most amazing theatre experiences I have had in recent memory. This is a world premiere, so you are not likely to have seen it anywhere else… so go over to CATF and get tickets NOW.

This afternoon, John Case and I are going to the invited dress rehearsal of Sam Shephard’s Ages of the Moon and tonight Elly and I will be seeing David Mamet‘s Race at CATF. Then I’ll have two more plays to see tomorrow and Thursday so I can put my reviews together on Friday.

We are so fortunate in Shepherdstown to have the CATF. This is its 21st Season, and, as Elly and I have said many times, CATF is one of the things that attracted us to Shepherdstown as a place to live. To see excellent,

Contemporary American Theater Festival

professional Equity actors in new plays by both new and well-known American playwrights directed by supremely talented people like the Festival’s founder, Ed Herendeen, is an experience that defies accurate description.

More to come.


…and so far I’ve gotten calls that three people won’t be at rehearsal tonite. My guess is that the number of no shows will go up.

Damn that groundhog…

This show is cursed!



5 out of ten castmembers appeared tonite… fortunately two of them were the Beaver and the Butcher whose scene was on my list to do tonite.

So we did it a couple of times and closed down early.


Sunshine Today – The Snow Is Melting…

…and I have a big day ahead. This might limit my blogging today, but I’ll try to get in the stuff that comes up related to our current political scene.

I have a job interview today in Frederick, MD, and a rehearsal tonite of Hunting Of The Snark without my Music Director who is away for a couple of days. That means I have to get a background music recording ready, which also takes up some time.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good Monday… check in later for my updated comments and other things.

– Bill T.

Second Rehearsal… Welcome to Community Theatre

So we started work on the second scene in Snark, a large number for the Bellman with everyone else becoming the chorus. And then we had one phone call at the start of rehearsal from the person I had playing the Broker citing new work problems that forced her to give up the part. I’m now missing 2 characters (the Boots still hasn’t been cast). One other performer had a problem and couldn’t make it tonite… so we had seven out of ten working on the show with the Music Director.

And it sounded pretty good. If I can get the rest of the cast filled I have great confidence in this production.

Third rehearsal tomorrow night and we may have a person to take the Boots part. Onward and upward.