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Gabby Giffords will be leaving Congress…

It is unfortunate, but Rep. Gabby Giffords (D -AZ), who was shot last year while speaking to constituents in a mall parking lot, will be stepping down from her seat in order to continue her recovery.

We are losing a Representative of great promise and distinction.

Here is her statement:

I’m recovering from a day getting sedated and tested…

When I got home this afternoon I slept for hours. Sorry that there is not much of a blog today. This T.E.E. test was painful and invasive (they stick a device down your throat to get clear pictures of your heart. Fortunately, after you get the thing (painfully, despite the stuff they spray down your throat to prevent pain) shoved in they sedate you. When you wake up you’re lying in recovery.

I’ll get back on it tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

Commenting on whether the USA will experience a “Lost Decade” as a result of recession, like Japan in the 1990s:

“There’s no way we’re going to tolerate a Lost Decade in this country. It’s a fantasy, because the House of Representatives has elections every two years. The country is not going to tolerate 10 percent unemployment indefinitely. People (in power in Washington) need to be aware of that. If they don’t take the opportunities now . . . someone else will.”

-James K. Galbraith, Economist.

Obama is asking us to have patience…

He’s hardly been President for six months and he has started making major accomplishments, but to listen to the Repignicans he was supposed to have released us from the Bush debacle and put us into positive numbers already.

Give me a break! His economic recovery plan which was only passed into law three months ago (plus a couple of weeks) has already given us $43,000,000,000. in tax relief and the banks are starting to get back into the mortgage business with homeowners.

Krugman thinks the stimulus package was too small… and perhaps in some ways it was… but there are others who think it was too much. It was designed to work over two years and, well, it hasn’t been two years yet.

Whenever the arguments about all this are raised, I start to think “What if McCain were President?” Then I emit a small relief sigh.

I guess I can wait.