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Shooting the Party in the Foot?

Is Bush about to have his regular effect on politics… here’s the start of a HuffPo article which you will want to read more of:
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With the 2010 election season underway, Republicans are reportedly concerned about how the impending release of former President George W. Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, may affect the party’s success at the polls come November.

While the widely-anticipated book from Bush isn’t set to be released until November 9 — one week after votes are cast across the country — details from the text have already begun to leak out.

George W Bush Midterm Elections

Moreover, the unpopular Republican leader and contentious policy initiatives put forth by his administration have already resurfaced to shake-up this year’s heated midterm match-ups.

Matt Latimer at the Daily Beast reports:

[Some] Republicans, particularly those most closely tied to the Bush regime, actually argue the book could help the party by reminding some voters of what they liked about Bush.
“Monumentally bad timing” was the reaction of one former Bush aide who learned of the book release date.
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