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Ramona is asking such important questions this morning…

I love reading Ramona’s pieces. This one began:

Fox News and the C of C thank you for voting Republican. But don’t call us, we’ll call you.
So, all you “Mad as Hell” people who idolize Fox “News” and their partners in crime, the Koch Brothers, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Republican Party, let’s hear what you’ve learned from that bunch you’ve been following so religiously. What’s the plan? What’s marvels are in store for you when they take out the government and make it obsolete?”

…and then went on:

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Wait a minute–you haven’t asked?  Okay, then.  Obviously you haven’t been thinking about it, but I have.  I’ve made up a list of questions for you to ask as soon as you’ve put all those constitution-loving patriots back in the cat-bird seat:
How soon will all the jobs be back?
What’s the forecast for a booming housing market?
Can we stop paying taxes now?
When will all wars end?
Can we get the the gays and liberals and non-Christians and brown-skinned people out of our sight ASAP?
Now can we force all kids to pray in school?
How soon before the poor aren’t among us?
Do we have to take our guns to town?
When you outlaw abortions are you going to expect me to take care of those little brats?
When DC is a ghost town will the rents go down?Why is Obamacare bad again?

and last but not least (because this one is very, very, very important):

Do you like me?  Do you really, really like me?
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Thanks, Ramona.

Jobs. The Problem and the Solution.

I should have linked you to this article on Ramona’s Voices a week ago…Ramona has put together a great summary of where we are with the unemployment problem, and has put together the obvious solution… and backed it up with a number of links.

Here’s the beginning of her article:

The consensus, no matter who says it and why, is that American manufacturing industries are no longer of Americans, by Americans, or even for Americans. It’s beyond a worrisome rumor, it’s an established fact: American manufacturing, compared to manufacturing world-wide, fills a niche no bigger than the size of an ant farm box.

Let’s face it, the people in charge of keeping Americans working are not just incompetent or oblivious, they’re the next best thing to the enemy. The public sector is beyond just aiding and abetting the private sector, they’re right down in the trenches with them. Such a cacophony from Big Money, from the Right Wing, from the keepers of the status quo. Who could blame the people in charge for lending them an ear?

You kidding? We could! We should! A whole lot of us DO!

You can go in and read the fest HERE.

And let’s consider the real solution here… taxing the rich and creating jobs through social problems, a la FDR. One more selection:

Oh, and by the way: We need to tax the hell out of the filthy rich and make them pay. Then we need to spend what they’re forced to fork over on social programs and American outlets for gainful employment.

Tax and spend, that’s the ticket. (Note that I can say that without even once gagging or flinching.)

Thanks, Ramona… I certainly agree with you.

Quote of the Day

“Jefferson taught that every government degenerates when it is left to the rulers alone, because rulers–by the very act of ruling–misuse the public trust. The people themselves, he said, are the only prudent repository of power.”

– Ramona at Ramona’s Voices

I love Ramona’s writing… and this quote about Jefferson reflects on our own time.