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Unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like this…

Passed on by P.Z. Myers over at Pharyngula… an octopus walks on land:

Have you seen anything like this before?

A quote for this morning… from my favorite Atheist Commentator

Ken Ham is currently hawking his new book, Already Compromised, in which he whines about the way universities — even many bible colleges — don’t take the Old Testament absolutely literally. This leads, of course, to students actually examining evidence and arguments outside the Bible, which inevitably leads to…atheism.”

– P J Myers in Pharyngula

Here’s one of Ken Ham’s dribblets:

In Genesis 6:19-20, the Bible says that two of every sort of land vertebrate (seven of the “clean” animals) were brought by God to the Ark. Therefore, dinosaurs (land vertebrates) were represented on the Ark.

Gee… where did they go?

My favorite publishing atheist, P Z Myers, addressed the Global Atheist Convention in Australia last year…

Here’s the video of his speech which was just released by Myers:

The toll on stupidity paid again…as usual, by innocent children

Picked this up from PZ Myers at Pharygula (who is becoming one of favorite Atheists):
clipped from

This is terrible, wasteful, stupid news from Africa.

A measles outbreak has claimed the lives of 70 children in Zimbabwe over the past two weeks, mostly among families from apostolic sects that shun vaccinations, state media said Thursday.

I’m still waiting for news of evangelical atheists traveling to distant lands and killing people by encouraging ignorance. It doesn’t seem to happen.

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