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B. H. Friedman… Novelist and Biographer… Dies in Manhattan at 84

I knew Bob Friedman in Provincetown in my Fine Arts Work Center days back in the seventies. He was an advisor to both the Writing and the Visual arts programs and was best known for his biography of Jackson Pollock.

I first met B. H. Friedman before I started at the FAWC as a friend of Hudson and Ione Walker whose house I was staying in on a Provincetown summer break. He was an interesting conversationalist and a friend to most of the well known artists who summered in P-Town.

He was well known as a New Yorker writer, too. The cause of death was complications of pneumonia, according to, Daisy Friedman, in the NY Times obituary.

Sorry to see that Norris Church Mailer has died..

Back in the late seventies, when I was director of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, Norris Church Mailer, then the wife (I guess she was his last) of Norman Mailer, was on my fundraising list, as were most NYC celebrities. As I recall she was a very nice woman and mother to one of Mailer’s several children.

Mailer died three years ago and Norris Church Mailer died on Sunday, of gastrointestinal cancer that she had battled for 11 years, in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

She was a former Wilhelmina model who met Mailer while getting an autograph 0n his book on Marilyn Monroe. Her own memoir, “A Ticket to the Circus,” was published earlier this year.