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Something is wrong with…

…and I can’t get in to post my blog updates. I have been trying to get hold of Cheru with no luck.

If you rely on Alphainventions to get info on my newest posts, let me recommend you try Kadency or BlogSurfer where I also post updates.



As of 6PM this evening, is active again after 48 hours of being offline for reasons I can’t begin to fathom. Welcome back, Cheru.


Escaped Dog…

For the last hour and a half I have been attempting to get my younger dog, Byron, back into the house. He wriggled his way off his leash when we were coming back from a walk and now he’s running around the neighborhood.

Has this happened before? Yes… but we try to avoid it recurring since he gives us such trouble getting back into the house. Our other dog, Nestle, can be lured by dog biscuits or by opening the car door and saying “Let’s go bye-bye.” Byron likes to run in large circles… come back to the door and wait till you come out to get him, and then run away again with a big laugh on his Rottweiler Mix face.

So my final solution is to leave the front door open and c0me upstairs to the living room (2nd floor of our town house) and wait until he gets so thirsty he’ll come in for his water bowl. It always happens eventually. Meanwhile, I have to keep Nestle on his leash or he’ll run out the front door looking for Byron. The problem if Nestle, my old Lab Retriever (10+ years), forgets what he’s doing, wanders off and gets lost. I have to drive for blocks to find him, and then he’s happy to jump in the car. Byron never likes to hang out with Nestle if they both run off… something you think my older dog would remember… but he doesn’t. Nestle stays by the window, at the end of the leash, and watches for the escapee.


Wonder of wonders! as I write this Byron has tiptoed up the stairs and is heading for his water bowl… excuse me while I run downstairs and close the front door.


OK, we’re all back where we should be. Byron is exhausted from close to two hours of running around the neighborhood. Nestle seems content to have him home again and has curled up and gone to sleep.

Dogs! The children of our old age!

Earth Day

Good Morning on Earth Day #40. Here we are contemplating the state of our poor planet as it more and more apparently breaks down. When whole stretches of ocean are polluted enough to eliminate small life forms, when the sky is up in pollutants, when the global temperature is up a degree, when even things you thought were part of the natural balance, like frogs, are rapidly disappearing due to a worldwide fungus (thanks for showing this one PBS!), we may be past the point of real recovery in my lifetime, if at all.

I’m watching Morning Joe as we watch this and they are commenting on taking a microwave stove when you go camping and what happens with all the used cell phones and computer parts ending up in landfills. It makes me wonder what is really wrong with all of us. Lazy? Stupid? Trapped in the all-to-human inability to actually believe something is wrong with the world.

This afternoon I’ll go to a movie at Shepherd on Earth Day subject matter and do my bit for understanding. Will it matter? Don’t Think so.

Happy Earth Day.

Quote of the Day – and the Liberal’s biggest problem

“I don’t mind losing when we lose, but I hate losing when we win.”

Jim Hightower