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Santorum is out… does not endorse Romney.

David Horsey in the LA Times.

 After giving Mitt Romney a serious challenge for the Republican presidential nomination, Rick Santorum suspended his campaign on Tuesday. He made one of his better speeches, but did not endorse Romney.
Santorum failed in his approach to the presidency for a number of reasons:

• Lack of money when compared to Romney.

• Not much of an organization… in some states he didn’t even get on the primary ballot.

• Competition from Newt Gingrich who split some of the far right vote.

• Romney’s habit of saying and doing anything to win – including changing his statements ton agree with Santorum’s conservative from his established centrist position.

Santorum is only 53 years old… in 2016 he will still be younger than Romney is now. If Romney loses this election to Obama, Santorum will be ready to compete in the next election… and will have four years to raise the funds and put together an organization.
Can he?
(thanks to the LA Times for this morning’s info.)

Looks like Romney has sewn it up…

Having won in Wisconsin, Maryland and DC last night, Romney is being held up by all the pundits as the sure to be Republican Presidential nominee… even though he only has about half of the delegates for the convention.

Santorum is not a close second and would have needed Wisconsin to keep the possibility that he’d take the nomination at the convention. As for Gingrich and Paul, we have to wonder why they waste people’s money running.

We can expect Romney in the remaining primaries to ignore his competitors and focus on attacking the President.

The full scale Presidential campaign is about to have an early start.