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Quote of the Day – The man with the Romney Tattoo

Remember Eric Hartsburg?  He was paid $15,000 to get a five inch Romney campaign tattoo on his face. Hartsburg did it as an auction. His only requirement for bidding on the ‘ad space’ was that it could not be racist or offensive.


“I’m the guy who has egg all over his face, but instead of egg, it’s a big Romney/Ryan tattoo. It’s there for life.
“I’m hoping this opens some other doors in the entertainment business.”

Hmmm. Opening doors in the entertainment business? I was trying to think of a situation where that would be possible, outside of a film about Romney’s loss… not something I see much of a market for. Perhaps the logo could be sold to an auto manufacturer (Rolls Royce?) and Hartsman could become a car dealer’s mascot.

How much do you want to bet that Hartsman will be whining about the tattoo to his grandchildren.


Quote of the Day – Romney knows how people feel about him…


This from a Politico interview with Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen:

“I know there are some people who do a very good job acting and pretend they’re something they’re not. … You get what you see. I am who I am. I don’t think everybody likes me.”

Mitt Romney

Well, at least he knows.

Thanks to Dogs Against Romney


Cartoon(s) of the Week – Do the Republicans keep us focused on their issues?..

M. Wuerker in Politico:

Who knew the Koch Brothers were so dominating?… Oh, we did!

– and –

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

… and who knew Republicans would limit their concern for life to pre-birth?… Hey wait, we did!

– and –

Lee Judge in the Kansas City Star:

… and who knew that voters could be manipulated to fear certain issues?… Gee, we did!

– and –

Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

… and did you know that Obama is objected to by the stupid?… We certainly did!

– and –

Pat Bagley in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Fortunately, we have the Republicans’ view of History.


Cartoon(s) of the Week – Ch-ch-ch-Changes…

Matt Wuerker in Politico:

Some things never change…

– and –

Jeff Danziger in the L. A. Times:

… other things don’t change by law…


– and –

David Horsey in the L. A. Times:

… some personality traits may never change as well…

– and –

John Cole in the Scranton Times-Tribune:

…some American opinions don’t change, either…

– and –

Rob Rogers in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

… and, as I said before,  some things never change…ever.


If you ask Eric Cantor about Anti-Semitism in the House…

… he avoids the discussion. Does it mean anything?

So… do we have a new McCarthy in Congress?

Suppose we had a Congressman who started accusing the representatives that didn’t agree with him as being Communists? Well, apparently we do.

Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., has said “he’s heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party, but, of course, he has denied to name names.

His office says West was referring to the Congressional Progressive Caucus when he made his remark at a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

Here’s the statement his office sent to the CBS affiliate in Miami:

The Congressman was referring to the 76 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The Communist Party has publicly referred to the Progressive Caucus as its allies. The Progressive Caucus speaks for itself. These individuals certainly aren’t proponents of free markets or individual economic freedom.

Asked to comment on these charges, Libero Della Piana, a vice chairman of the party, stated that there were no Congressional lawmakers who were party members and that West’s comment is a “sad ploy.”

And now some folks like Sarah Palin are suggesting West as a potential VP candidate. Who would have thought?

On the honesty of Michelle Bachmann:

This from Ben Smith at Politico:

On her victory lap of Iowa yesterday, Straw Poll winner Rep. Michele Bachmann paid repeated tribute to her local roots, and repeatedly mentioned her family reunion that day, citing it as an excuse for her late arrival at a local party event in Waterloo.

But Bachmann’s mother and two cousins told POLITICO’s Emily Schultheis that Bachmann didn’t attend the reunion, though her husband and children did. Her spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, didn’t respond to two emails asking for an explanation of the disparity.

So who was she having a secret meeting with? God?

New Republican Strategy: Tell Dems it’s going to rain on November 2nd.

Today there was a string of articles…started, I think, by Politico (whose affiliation with the political right has been sort of present since its creation)… warning Democrats in advance that it was going to rain next Tuesday.  On top of the weather report is the series of “expert” statements that bad weather keeps Dems home from the polls, while Repubs seem to love voting in the rain.

Now, as one who has stood in line outdoors with many other Democrats to vote over the years, I’m not sure I want them to convince me that I don’t vote in the rain. In reality, I’ve voted already, as have more Dems than Repubs as I understand it from the news, and it was raining the day I voted. Oh well, I didn’t know rain was supposed to keep me home. I should have asked the other Democrats who were voting that day (there were a bunch) if they knew about our weather wariness. Apparently they didn’t.

And this piece turned up at The Hill (which also, it seems to me) is a non-progressive publication:

According to Laurel Harbridge, a Northwestern University political science professor, GOP voters are not typically discouraged by rain. “Republicans are helped by bad weather … it does harm Democratic prospects.”

Wendy Schiller, a political science professor at Brown University, echoed Harbridge. “Bad weather almost always hurts Democrats,” she said. “The traditional Democratic base tends to include lower-income people and the elderly. Both of those demographic groups have a hard time getting to the polls.”

Anyway… I think this time bad weather might even help Democrats. We will realize much more clearly that a great pile of these Republican/Tea Party candidates are more like bad weather than good government.

Politico reports on 4 Democratic Senators who are challenging Facebook…

This is the beginning of an article… you can read the whole thing HERE.
clipped from

Democratic senators: Facebook not protecting users

Four Democratic senators expressed concern Tuesday that Facebook is not being careful to protect the privacy of its users.

New York’s Charles Schumer, Colorado’s Michael Bennet, Alaska’s Mark Begich and Minnesota’s Al Franken have sent a letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailing their worries.

“While Facebook provides a valuable service to users by keeping them connected with friends and family and reconnecting them with long-lost friends and colleagues, the expansion of Facebook – both in the number of users and applications – raises new concerns for users who want to maintain control over their information,” the senators wrote.

Sens. Al Franken (left) and Chuck Schumer were among the  four Democrats who penned a worried letter to Facebook's CEO.

The Democrats focused on three issues of concern: Publicly available data, third party data storage and instant personalization.

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Cartoon of the Week

M. Wuerker in Politico:

Once more, dear friends, unto the breach…

AFL-CIO: Gov’t option an absolute must

I don’t usually push posts from Politico… it just leans too far to the right for me… but this piece by Carrie Budoff Brown, whose writing has been relatively fair to Obama’s Administration, brought up an important factor. Here’s part of the piece:
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Democratic lawmakers will not be able to count on the AFL-CIO‘s support if they drop the public insurance option from the health care reform legislation, union officials said Tuesday.

The AFL-CIO’s incoming president, Richard Trumka, outlined “three absolute musts” in any overhaul package: a public option, an employer mandate and no tax on employer-provided health benefits.

Asked if the union would work against any bill that did not hit those targets, Trumka told reporters during a briefing: “That means we won’t support the bill if it doesn’t have the public option.”

Incoming AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says unions 'won't support' a health bill sans a public option.

Losing support of the AFL-CIO, one of the Democratic Party’s most powerful allies, would rob Obama of a significant resource for grass-roots mobilization.

“Otherwise we don’t get health insurance reform, we don’t break the stranglehold of insurance companies, and that system goes on and on and on as it has,” said Trumka, who is currently the union’s secretary-treasurer. “Costs go up, quality of care goes down.”

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