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Happy St. Paddy’s – I’m over at WSHC for an early start…

Elliot Simon has to leave at 9:15,so I’m covering for his show and then mine at WSHC 89.7 FM ( Had to get up earlier than usual to put my show together, but it’s all set and I’m ready.

Elly and I are celebrating St. Patrick’s day by continuing to get stuff out of the old house and move it to the new one. Isn’t that exciting. We have some of the Shepherd U. Boys and a borrowed pickup truck tomorrow and I hope we get most of what’s left out (but I doubt that it is possible!)

Anyway, have a good morning and tune in if you can.

Totally carless… shopping the local area for a used vehicle…

My wife is away for two days and I’m home without transportation (John will pick me up for tonite’s show at Full Circle Theater). Meanwhile, I’m perusing the internet and making phone calls concerning used vehicles. Late Tuesday afternoon I’m probably going to have my wife drive me down to a shop near Winchester, VA, where a guy has an ’88 pickup truck (with only 100,000 miles on it and, he says, in good shape and well maintained) for $1000.00. He doesn’t care who we have look at it to evaluate it’s reliability (I suggested Brown’s and he said it was fine with him)… I wanted to call my wife and tell her I set this up, but when I did, her cell phone started ringing upstairs…which means she didn’t take it with her. I’ll have to wait until she gets back later tonite, or calls me from wherever she is today.

I also have to figure out how I’m going to pay for this. If I were going to a dealer, I’d put it on a credit card (instant loan) or try to get a bank loan. From an individual I have to come up with cash. It’s possible… if the total cost is less than my monthly Social Security income, I should be all right. I’m also looking into selling my dead car for parts… and that could go into the used car‘s cost.

Needless to say, this has not caused much of a release for the depression I’ve been in for the last few days. Even with my medication I am incredibly down… for hours at a time I have found it hard to physically move off my recliner. At least the computer and internet continue to be active things while everything else is frozen.

Life keeps shrinking… and adding to the blog is becoming more like work than fun… work that doesn’t earn any income, nor does it seem to lead to anything else. I’m also finding it hard to work on my other sites, Panhandle Vegan and UTF Type Foundry.  And the theatre is now no more than running lights. There’s nothing in the near…or far…future to direct, which I would still be interested in doing. At least I still have John Case and the Friday morning radio show.

My Car is Officially Dead.

I finally got the message back from Brown’s that I have a cracked engine block and they don’t recommend repairing it. So I have a dead car and no means of transport other than my wife when she’s not working or at meetings or friends who are going to theater performances where I’m running lights, etc. Bummer.

So I’ve started to shop around for a replacement and, given my status as retired (read “unemployed”) and on Social Security, the age and price-level of the cars I’ve been looking at on Craig’s List are both very low. I’ve got two possibilities with 50 miles of where I am in the $1000.00 range (which I can probably afford, but it makes my wife edgy… old cars with higher mileage almost demands problem scrutiny and I’ve proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I know very little about car engines, etc.) One is a small sedan and one is a pickup truck. Both claim to be in good shape, have been well maintained and have had no major accidents. They are both in the 130,000 mileage range and are both 10 or less (not MUCH less) years old.

Anyway, I’m over running lights on Thurber Carnival which opens tonite, and they’re still putting up scenery parts. 2 more weeks of rehearsal would have benefitted this show immensely. However, this opening show will have many new technical things being tried out (slide projections, sound effects and, yes, some lighting changes) for the first time, something that shouldn’t happen at this point.

Depressed and trying hard to maintain my focus… the show must go on.