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Romney’s right-wing religious supporters have a terrifying view (and a disgusting one) of liberals:


Here is why we have to keep Romney and his buddies away from controlling America:


So liberals are Nazis and are going to gas Christians like Nazis did Jews in WWII era. Also, I don’t think Christians in America are a minority… hopefully only the ones who share Pat Robertson‘s obscene attack. And Robertson sees Romney as his buddy.


Flash! Pat Robertson gives approval to Oral Sex in Marriage!

Well… one can be against having health insurance cover birth control, but can approve oral sex in marriage. Isn’t that one of the simplest forms of birth control?

Where are you leading us, Pat?… America’s employers will need to know before deciding whether their female employees should be denied birth control on religious and/or moral grounds.

Did you notice that Pat said “between two people who are married” and not “Between a man and a woman who are married”?

Oh, Pat… are you slowly crawling into the twenty first century?

What the Iowa Caucus Looks Like…

Well, it’s tomorrow… the Iowa Caucus will take place and, finally, come to a close, leaving us with what? The up and down polls have have moved one candidate after another into the lead until no matter who wins it will probably not be by much.

Ezra Klein in the Washington Post showed the condition of the Iowa polls in the last few months here:

… almost uninterpretable!

I guess I’ll put my money on… gee, I don’t know. Iowa has a record for not coming up with the final nominee (folks like Pat Robertson come to mind) and the rise in the last couple of days of Rick Santorum makes me think some of our best comedy writers are behind the whole thing.

If Gingrich wins, Obama will be thrilled.

And now a quote for the end of the day… probably the end of the World.

Politicus has given us a message from Pat Robertson today:

Bless You All

And I believe that the anointing of the Lord has been here to fulfill the desire of those early settlers, to take the gospel from America throughout the world, and that’s what we’ve been here to do. But let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t take a great scholar to tell you the United States has lost its moorings.

When you think that courts have denied children the right to pray in schools, that there’s a vendetta against religious belief, that now homosexuality has been made a constitutional right, that abortion has been made a constitutional right, the courts and judges have trampled on the early origins of our nation, they have distorted the meaning of the First Amendment. It’s all been done, and we’ve let it happen.

But I was reading today about a place called Sodom and Gomorrah, and a man named Abraham stood before God, and he says, “God, there’re righteous people in that city, would you kill them along with the wicked, must not the judge of all the earth do right?” And God finally promised, “If I can find ten righteous in that city, I will spare it,” just ten. Well the time came he could only find six, so they destroyed Sodom and Gomorra. But there’re many righteous here in America, and we need to band together and pray that God Almighty will spare this great land and reestablish in our hearts the vision of the pioneers.

The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments t...

Constitution and first 10 Amendments. Not a word here that Pat Robertson Claims.

So what is the real meaning of the 1st Amendment? I always thought it was Freedom of Speech… so I guess we have to let Robertson say whatever he wants. I just don’t think he’s learned the same American History as the rest of us.

Then again, this is the same Pat Robertson who blamed the 2010 Haitian Earthquake on those Islanders having a pact with the Devil.

Why Religion and Garbage Share a Common Identity

Did anyone hear Pat Robertson today? Did you know Haiti’s earthquake was a result of the country’s dealings with the Devil? No, really. Here’s Pat giving us the word:

Do you remember that in 2005, Robertson suggested that Hurricane Katrina was brought on by the legalization of abortion?

As I recall, Robertson was a big “spiritual advisor” to George W. Bush. It figures.

Zappadan for a Sunday: Jesus Thinks You’re a Jerk…

Frank performs this live with additional lyrics (printed on the screen for you), as he took on Jim Bakker and Pat Robertson in the 80s: