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Fighting Over the Squandered Decade, By E.J. Dionne

Here’s a snip from a really well-thought-out column by E. J. Dionne. You’ll probably go in and read the whole thing:
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Certain decades shape the country’s political life for generations by leaving behind an era to embrace or, at least as often, to scorn.
I’m afraid that the past 10 years will be seen as a time when the United States badly lost its way by using our military power carelessly, misunderstanding the real challenges to our long-term security, and pursuing domestic policies that constrained our options for the future while needlessly threatening our prosperity.
I am aware that the previous paragraph is thoroughly controversial, and that befits any description of a politically consequential decade. Much of the contention surrounding Barack Obama’s presidency is simply a continuation of our argument over the effects of George W. Bush’s time in office.
That is why Obama, despite his fervent wishes, has been unable to usher in a new period of consensus.
So the Bush camp—Karl Rove’s regular contributions to The Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages are emblematic—must stay on the attack.
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