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Here’s what we really need… More Snow!

According to AccuWeather:

The mid-Atlantic region will be punished by an all-out snowstorm beginning Friday afternoon. At least a foot of snow will fall from northern Virginia to southern New Jersey disrupting all forms of transportation. Be prepared for major travel delays, and airports such as Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International may have to shut down operations for a time. The storm will taper off through the mid-Atlantic Saturday afternoon.

It’s going to look like this:

And, of course, Shepherdstown is right in the middle of the”Paaralyzing” area… so it looks like another rehearsal/set construction buster is on it’s way for The Hunting Of The Snark. I also have to get my car inspected tomorrow… hopefully before the snow starts…or face a ticket for getting my annual inspection late.

TS Eliot said “April is the  cruelest month”,  but he obviously didn’t consider February.