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No contraception! “Every sperm is sacred”

I love Moe’s posts… I get my biggest laughs out of them. See the whole thing plus video  HERE.

Whatever Works

I think the recent Catholic objection to paying for contraception was not without merit on First Amendment grounds. But that’s the constitutional part. I am otherwise delighted to join in the mockery, so richly deserved.

This Monty Python classic has been getting a bit of play around the interwebs today. (Should I email it to the local archbishop I wonder? It might be okay cuz it’s not about lady parts.)

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Ed Zanheiser, Poet, on the Radio with me this morning…

I covered for John Case on “Winners and Losers” this morning, and since Monday (even Labor Day Monday) is poetry day on the show, John arranged for local poet Ed Zanheiser to be on with me. Ed read some of his poems and others and we had a great chat about poetry, labor unions, Shepherdstown and other things.

Here’s Ed reading some of his work at the 2008 Montana Wilderness Association Convention. Enjoy.

John Case and I are talking about doing a weekly podcast…

…based on the Winners And Losers show we do on Friday mornings. To start with, it will probably only be a half hour presentation which we’ll put up right after the Friday show. We’ll cover our favorite subjects like poetry and theatre and politics…lots of politics… and hopefully have a few guests on and a little music.

We’re looking into the technical stuff now… but this could happen pretty soon. We’ll be promoting it on Facebook and Twitter and iTunes… and, of course, we’ll announce it on WSHC.