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Cartoon(s) of the Week – Does Big Bird sum up the Debate?


Jeff Danziger in the L. A. Times:

So what is memorable from the debate?

– and –

Robert McKee in the Augusta Chronicle:

Are the issues food or labor?

– and –

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

Did you see them serve up their achievements or potentials?

– and –

Clay bennet in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

As displayed by his announcement to cure the deficit by dropping PBS and Big Bird.

– and –

Gary McCoy for Universal Press Syndicate:

Oh well… Halloween is coming. Do you think we can forget politics for a while?

Cartoon(s) of the Week – As Romney gets closer to the debates…

Tony Auth of

Romney plans health care for the 47%…

– and –

Rob Rogers in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:

Is Romney sure he wants to cut off about half the contributors?

– and –

Kevin Siers in the Charlotte Observer:

Isn’t Romney the king of mixed messages?

– and –

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

At least he has Ryan to depend on…

– and –


David Horsey in the L.A. Times:

Now if he could avoid the bad dreams…


Cartoon(s) of the Week – Moving backward in the 21st Century

Matt Bors in The Village Voice:

,,, and the circle goes ’round…

– and –


Mike Thompson in the Detroit Free Press:

… get used to it.

– and –


Rob Rogers in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Meanwhile, we abandon our intelligence…

– and –


Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

…and without intelligence we’ll believe anything…

– and –


Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

… even when presented with the truth.


Cartoon(s) of the Week – Who really controls the Republican economic policy?

Note: I’ve been doing Cartoon(s) of the Week for a number of years now and I know many of my readers look forward to it every Sunday (or when I get to it late or early.) I’m also very pleased that several of you have sent me your favorite cartoons on many weeks, or send me e-mail comments on my selections.

If you have a cartoon on any week that you want to send me, please attach it to an e-mail and get it to me on Thursday at the latest. I’ll be glad to consider it. Just click on the mailbox.

Now for this week’s selections.

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

Who is not elected but has a firm control on Republican abilities to compromise? (note: same name as a Sesame Street character… not Big Bird, but close.)

– and –

M. Wuerker of Politico:

What happens to the health of the country when its processes are blocked? (hint: what fills intestines?)

– and –

Jeff Danziger in the L. A. Tribune:

What causes disbelief in the vast republic for which Congress stands? ( hint: It has to do with a complicity with the top 1%.)

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Solving our problems won’t be easy…

Hey… sorry I missed CotW last weekend… got caught up in a number of activities and only realized on Tuesday that it hadn’t been done. But…We’re BAAAAACK!

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

The Deficit Committee sure looks unpromising…

– and –

Dana Summers in the Orlando Sentinel:

Warren Buffett doesn’t seem to be convincing other rich folk to do their share…

– and –

Tom Toles in The Washington Post:

Not everyone’s goal is PREVENTING disaster…

– and –

Lee Judge in the Kansas City Star:

But there’s so much to keep Political Cartoonists busy…

Cartoon(s) of the Week – More than one subject this week…

…so I’m dividing them up by topic.

Debt and Deficit Discussion:

Steve Breen, San Diego Union Tribune:

Let’s all sit down at the table and compromise…

– and –

Jim Morin, Miami Herald:

…but we really want an agreement…

– and –

David Fitzsimmons, Arizona Daily Star:

… of course, not giving in can destroy you come election time.

Campaign Comedy:

Once again, Jim Morin, Miami Herald:

Knowledge is a tremendous benefit for candidates…

Not a great week for Rupert Murdoch:

Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle:

What do you think of when you hear “Rupert Murdoch?

– and –

Harry Bliss, Tribune Media Services:

What do you think of Rupert Murdoch’s News network?

– and –

And one last time, Jim Morin, Miami Herald:


Cartoon(s) of the Week – It doesn’t matter which Party… there are things we need to know.

Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

It’s time to reevaluate our elected officials and figure out who they work for…

– and –

Signe Wilkinson at

… or think of what they could be spending our tax money on… things we need…

– and –

Pat Oliphant in the Washington Post:

… and what about those who are trying to get into office… will they bring us back to our earlier evil?

– and –

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

Why can’t the media spend it’s time on important things instead of sensation?

– and –

Tony Auth in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

…And, above all, when will parties ignore their competitive idiocy and evaluate policy by seeing what really works?

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Budgets and Taxes

Ben Sargent in the Austin American-Statesman:

Republicans favor the Rich and their Budget reflects that case…

– and –

Nick Anderson in the Houston Chronicle:

… and they want to replace Medicaid with a new Block Grant program… after all: No Pain, No Gain…

– and –

Chip Bok at

… but wait until Tax Day and see who really has the Pain and who really makes the Gain…

– and –

John Sherffius in the Boulder Daily Camera:

… but don’t take my word for it. It’s all written down in black and white.