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Packing for the hospital…

I have to get to my daughter’s house before 10 AM with all my clothes and meds packed to get down to Georgetown to the hotel by the hospital. I’ll bring my laptop and hopefully I can review the news or arts events and have another post for my friends later.

My thoughts are all tied up with this brain surgery and I’m not even exploring the Susan Rice SOS nomination… something I would ordinarily be dwelling on. Or Netanyahu‘s new attack on Gaza which is likely to bring us even farther into Middle East hostilities. You’ll have to trot around to the sites I regularly quote to keep up with everything.

Soooo…Have a nice day and occasionally think of me.    -Bill


“Jew Baiters”

It’s been a long time since I quoted Andrew Sullivan on a post, but this one stands out. It sums up my opinion of Netanyahu, too…
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The Tablet calls several writers who have criticized Israel’s assault on Gaza and refusal to freeze the settlements on the West Bank “Jew-baiters.” I, Glenn Greenwald, Stephen Walt, and Philip Weiss are operating an “open sewer of hate,” for arguing that US interests lie in getting a two-state solution sooner rather than later, and in our outrage at the way in which the Israeli government has shown contempt for the US president in the last couple of years, egged on by many neocons.

There are no substantive arguments in the piece, and there are no quotes in the piece from any of the bloggers and writers concerned that could even faintly be called anti-Semitic. There is just cherry-picking of vileness that often shows up on comments sections (which this blog does not even have). I mean: seriously. To argue from a bunch of selected comments on other sites that I have made a “career as a Jew-baiter” is so disgusting and transparent a smear it refutes itself.

Meanwhile, the current Israeli prime minister has just been caught on tape saying in 2001 that he openly deceived president Clinton and has this view of how to deal with the Palestinians:

“beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly,
until it’s unbearable.”

Why is Netanyahu not an “open sewer of hate”? None of the writers the Tablet cites has ever written anything even faintly as disgusting or as racist as that.
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If you want a clearer view of Netanyahu when he made the quote above, check out this article, Tricky BiBi, in an Israeli publication HAARETZ.

Israeli Conservatives strike back with a satirical video:

Note from Bill:

This is taken from an article in Salon this morning.

Alex Pareene is the reporter who states:

Hebrew-language “satire” website Latma produced a funny web video about the deadly raid by Israeli commandos on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza in which 9 activists, including an American citizen, were killed. The video is a laugh riot, especially if you love Israeli Jews dressing up as dead Palestinians and Muslims (and British and American activists) and singing funny songs:

If this upsets you (when I read Pareene’s article and analyze the source of all this, I am more or less disgusted with the Israeli right wing) then take some time and think about what may be done to end this crap. You can write to the organizations involved, or to President Obama, and suggest that we, as Americans, support someone other than Netanyahu to lead Israel.