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I’m very proud of my son…

Elly and I just got back from our afternoon at American University in DC watching the Public History presentations… one, of course, was by our son Bud (who is known by everyone else but his parents as Will). We first joined him for a Vegan lunch at Chef Geoff’s down the block from the University. Pleasant conversation and our usual family stuff.

Will Tchakirides at Lunch

The Public History presentations by grad students in the Masters and PhD programs. The big advantage for me is that I finally got a sense of what “Public History” really means and what a Public Historian does. The students gave slide shows of their internships at various museums and National Parks and places like the Smithsonian’s gardens. They talked about programs they had created for visitors, participation exercises for children and other adventures (like the award Bud and his partners won at the Public History Conference in Pensacola, FL, last month.

Group Presentation by first year Masters students

The graduating Masters and PhD students did individual, 10 minute presentations.






We, of course, came to see Bud, who didn’t disappoint.

All in all, we had a great afternoon… by the time we got home to two hysterical dogs who were convinced they would never see us again we had a lot of reactions to a fine program to discuss.

Jefferson County Commission… I’m supporting Ed Dunleavy

I’ve just put a Dunleavy for County Commissioner sign out on my front lawn, which means I guess I’m committing myself to an Independent, something I haven’t done in a couple of elections. I am in agreement with just about all of his stands… especially keeping the PATH line out of Jefferson County, supporting and expanding the National Parks (Harper’s Ferry, Civil War Trails, etc.), Modification of the Zoning Ordinance, etc.

I listened to John Case’s hour and a half interview with Ed Dunleavy yesterday, after having heard Paul Taylor, the Democrat, a while ago, and having heard Delegate John Doyle’s comments on the Independent two weeks ago, also on John’s show (is anyone else covering local politics at this depth around here?).  I was very impressed with Ed’s comments and the fact that he didn’t avoid directly talking to the issues… not something you always get around here. His financial accountancy background stands out with his concern with “the books” on the County Commission’s work (not something you hear from other candidates or current Commissioners whose function, after all, is to spend our money.)

The Republican will be on John’s show next week, but he would have to go a long way to get me interested in him. Next Thursday (October 14) at  7PM all the candidates will debate at War Memorial Building—Shepherdstown Men’s Club. This should be a place to make a final decision. If you are from Jefferson County, go there and ask the questions which will define their potential as Commissioners.