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Sitting in the studio with John…

We’re in the middle of Winners And Losers on 89.7, WSHC FM, and with the phone system working we’re getting call-ins from some of the station regulars (Mark and Dino, specifically).

I’ll be home later this morning to update the Blog.


Off to Frederick for a Job Interview this morning…

…Second one in two days. Maybe things are starting to turn around. I thought yesterday’s interview went pretty well, but I would prefer this company in Frederick… much closer to work at.

I’ll be back to the blog around lunch time if not before.

Sitting Still

Here I am, drugged up and sitting still and, so far, it is a less painful way to be. After a couple more days when I have to go back in for X-rays, I hope the pain has gone down somewhat… but I am told that the first two weeks are the worst and I’m in that period now.

The pills they gave me have me falling asleep when I don’t want to, so blogging will be weird today… but I’ll try. I’m about to review the political stuff that’s going on… but it is often depressing and I have enough to worry about as it is.