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Want to know the Republican Strategy to beat Obama?

It’s been a secret plan, but it has many no-secret parts. Here’s a great overview and I urge you to watch it.

This plan has to be opposed, but you can’t oppose it until you know what it is… so warch and listen:

OK… are you ready to get going? Let’s make sure this doesn’t become the exclusive country of the Koch Brothers and their pals… They are pretty sure not to include you in their plans.

Is Huckabee an Idiot or a Liar?

I won’t get into Huckabee‘s Kenya/Mau Mau comments on Obama, nor his “spokesman” stating that Huckabee “misspoke” (may be that was a “Misspokesman”) and really meant Indonesia (which had no Mau Maus)… you’ve heard enough of this on all the news networks and other blogs (if you haven’t you can check out Yahoo News).

What I am concerned with is  such a statement coming from one of the Republicans who seemed to be somewhat more reasonable than the others.

If he was thinking about running for President, this wasn’t the smartest mess to get into. However, I don’t imagine that the Southern State Repubs will give a damn about this.

I’d hope that Huck isn’t a Liar. Since he does believe in a 6000 – year – old world created by God in seven days (Creationism), I’d vote for Idiot.

CPAC meets this week… more television comedy

It’s the annual time of year when the far right gets together to plan their future and ours, funded by the Koch Brothers and other Conservative money guys. This year, however, things are a little shaky at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Because there is a gay conservative group among the sponsors the show this year, some really extreme groups have pulled out. And folks like Mike Huckabee have decided not to attend.

According to the CPAC website, confirmed speakers for this year’s event include Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), among other big conservative names.

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) was tapped to deliver the keynote address at the conference. Sarah Palin was offered the coveted speaking opportunity; however, declined to accept the invitation. There’s a Live Blog going on at Huffington Post if you want to follow the fun.

From Yahoo News: Keith Richards disses Mike Huckabee’s guitar skills

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Mike Huckabee has made no secret of his status as a Keith Richards superfan. As one of his final acts as governor of Arkansas, Huckabee pardoned the Rolling Stones guitarist for a 1975 reckless driving conviction in the state.
That’s why this might sting a little, Governor.
In his new autobiography, “Life,” Richards kicks off Chapter 1 with a retelling of his infamous run-in with Arkansas police officers, who’d pulled him over for driving while under the influence. The band’s attorney, an Arkansas native, got Richards off with a slap on the wrist: a misdemeanor reckless driving charge, even though the car Richards was driving was also full of drugs. The charge, Richards writes, ended up being “nothing more than a parking ticket.”
That leads him to conclude that Huckabee’s 2006 pardon was unnecessary. “There was nothing to pardon,” Richards writes.
Governor Huckabee also thinks of himself as a guitar player,” Richards writes. “I think he even has a band.”
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Huckabee, who still plays bass in a band called Capital Offense, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in ’06 that he pardoned Richards after meeting him backstage at a Stones concert. Richards, he said, brought up the arrest, joking that he hoped the cops weren’t still looking for him. Huckabee said he offered to take care of it, which he ultimately did in hopes of giving Richards something “positive” to remember about Arkansas. 

It doesn’t seem as though Huckabee’s ploy worked, however. There’s nothing worse than an aspiring rocker learning that his idol has kissed him off with the words, “I think he even has a band.”