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A Quote of the 20th Century: doesn’t it relate to Romney, candidate for the other 53%?


Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, “All the Sad Young Men,” 1936

Thanks to and Constant Weader for posting this one. Things don’t seem to have changed in the past 76 years. Some folks never learn.


Who actually casts more votes? Women or men? Blacks or whites?

What about age? What about Rich vs. Poor?

Here are the stats:

And, of course, there’s West Virginia with one of the lowest voter turnouts. Whadda ya know?

I’m off to buy a suit…

… for my son’s wedding in August. I haven’t bought a new suit in 30 years, so this is an occasion I’m dreading.

This is the one I like.

Anyway, Elly and I are of to Men’s Wearhouse (or as I refer to their Big and Tall section the Fat Man Shop) where I saw a suit advertised that I can live with, given my outrageous size. They also advertise 2 for 1, although what I am going to do with two fat man suits is beyond me. If I was an insurance agent or a stock broker or something, I could see it… but I’m a retired computer and theatre guy with a couple of local radio shows where no one sees me. Suits are not a big deal.

Buddy’s wedding, however, is another story and there are requirements that must be met, so I expect to come back with receipts for two suits which will be being hemmed and altered. Next step is shoes, shirts and a tie (something other than the couple of old ties I found in my closet.)

Pictures of me in this stuff to come.

Wow! I took the Pew Poll and was in the 2% of Americans who got all the questions right.

…but I have to admit, 2% seems really small to me. And apparently men outscored women (except for one question where they were equal)… that really surprised me.

The Pew Poll was about the current political scene and related stuff. If you want to take it and see where you stack up, go to and take it.

1 in 5 Working-Age American Men Don’t Have A Job

Well, I’m in that 20% pool right now and it is very scary. Read this clip from today’s HuffPo… and go HERE to get the rest of it.
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One in five working-age American men does not have a job, according to the latest federal employment numbers, an all-time high that illustrates the extraordinary toll this recession has taken on male-dominated professions in particular.
Men are more likely to work in sectors like manufacturing and construction that are more sensitive to economic downturns. But this downturn has been particularly brutal on those industries, leading some observers to call it a “mancession.”
Only 80.3 percent of men age 25-54 had jobs in December — the lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started collecting that data in 1948 — at which point the figure was 94.4 percent. When the recession began in December 2007, less than 13 percent of men in this age bracket were out of work.
The percentage of women age 25-54 who have work is also down, but not as dramatically.
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Politics affects Sex?

This was from an AOL article… the clip below is NOT the whole thing… go HERE for more.
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Study: McCain Voters Lost Testosterone
Young men who voted for John McCain lost more than a presidential election last November. A study says their testosterone level plummeted.

As polls closed on election night, researchers at Duke University and the University of Michigan had 183 men and women chew gum and spit into test tubes and analyzed their hormones.

A few hours later, as Barack Obama supporters began celebrating, they tested hormone levels again, and then later, at two more intervals.

Men who voted for Obama maintained stable testosterone levels, while men who voted for McCain saw those levels drop more than 25 percent.

“What this study shows us is how stress and outside stimulus influences our physiology,” said Duke University spokesman Karl Leif Bates.
We’ve tested men playing video games, and we’ve found the same temporary drop or rise in testosterone,” Bates said. “We’re soon going to repeat this test at a Duke-UNC game.”
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A Quote for the End of the Week

From Esquire

“Your primary objective must be to make her very, very, very happy. Because it is easy to make you happy. You can do that all by yourself–even with one hand tied behind your back.”

Men are so easy to define.