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The Mellow Moods sign… Bradley Sanders’ Best

I’ve been watching Bradley make this in his shop for some months now. Cutting and carving the names and decorations into the wood, working the copper for the centerpiece with the tree, forming and welding the decorative arms that hold it to the front of the building… all of these things made as fine craft.

Yesterday morning, Bradley and Mr. Bill came over and hung it over the Mellow Moods entrance as we all watched. Phil Mastrangelo, owner of the Mood, kept going in and out to check the progress, worried that the height was too low (which it wasn’t) and smiling like you can’t believe.

Anyway, here are both sides of the sign which now bring new life to German Street:



This is a great addition to our historic and arts-oriented district. Bravo to Bradley and congrats to Phil.



Getting ready for tomorrow…

John Case and I are broadcasting from the Mellow Moods Cafe again tomorrow morning. Officially the show is from 7:30 to 9:00 AM… we set up at 7:00 and sometimes do some pre-show stuff during that half hour. Tune in to WSHC 89.7 FM if you’re in our area (or go to to hear us on line.) We’re going to end right on schedule this week because John has to pick up a puppy he is babysitting for Ruth and Mike Robertas over at 4Seasons Books (our sponsor) and I have to be at Washington County Hospital for a T.E.E. test at 11:00 (part of Dr. Kugler et al’s investigation into my teeny language seizures.)

Anyway, I’m getting all my prep work in tonite for the show and for tomorrow’s blog, since a big chunk of my day is going to be sedated and in the hospital. I’m not really looking forward to it, as they have to drop a reading device down my throat to get it behind my rib cage (hence the sedation). Can you think of something more unpleasant?

From midnight tonite until after the test tomorrow I’m not allowed to eat, which will make this even harder to get through. There is a medication I have been taking for several months now which helps keep my blood sugar in line… not insulin, I take that, too… and it has a side effect I dislike… it makes me very nauseous. Twice a day. It’s not something I want to feel in my gut before tomorrow, so today I refused to take it (and I won’t tomorrow, either) and, lo and behold, I feel great today. I’ve got to talk to my Endocrinologist about this…I’d like to not be nauseated twice a day.

Saturday I expect to be fine again… and, hopefully, I can get into the Full Circle Theater and work on the lights for Thurber Carnival. I can’t wait.

Radio Show’s over and we’re having coffee at Mellow Moods…

John Case and I are sitting here planning next Wednesday morning when we’ll actually be broadcasting from the Mellow Moods Cafe. This is the first time we’ve attempted a location  broadcast (although John used to do them some years ago from the Lost Dog… another coffee shop down German Street.)

We’ll bring an extra mike so we can interview folks here… but we don’t really know who will be on the list (except Mellow Moods’ Phil).

So tune in to WSHC 89.7 FM next Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 9:00 AM and listen in.

Here’s a message from my friend John Case…

If you are near Shepherdstown, WV tomorrow in the late morning, here’s something you may be interested in attending. This is from my Friday Morning radio friend, John Case, and I pass it on to you:

Hello Friends.

I know many of you may be busy. And I also know financial reform is a thorny topic not easy to get ones mind around — even after you read the economic literature!

However, there is no issue before Congress and the administration more crucial than financial reform. Failing it, one cannot name another challenge after it that will not be fraught with great peril of another collapse, and a descent from a Great Recession — to a Great Depression 2.

Please join me for a lunch time street corner conversation lunchtime hour at the corner of German and King streets in Shepherdstown. The link below is a flyer endorsed by the President as a guide for talking and understanding whats going on in Congress on financial reform. We will have a 100 copies, plus some stickers. Lets meet at Mellow Moods at 11:AM, Thursday. Tomorrow! Then converse on the square for lunch!

Both WV Senators are on board — but neighbor to neighbor calls to Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, the man who will lead the charge to block reform, will not hurt the cause.


Senator McConnell
601 W. Broadway
Room 630
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 582-6304


John Case

I’ll be there, camera in hand (I usually get to Mellow Moods around 10:30 AM).