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Football Player and Film Star Alex Karras Dead at 77…

Former football great Alex Karras, died yesterday at age 77 after battling kidney failure, cancer and dementia. He was able to successfully transition from a career as a pro athelete to a successful career as an actor and Hollywood personality.

He appeared in a series of guest shots on such series as “Daniel Boone” and “Love, American Style,” but it was when his appearance as the lumbering bad guy Mongo in Mel Brooks‘ “Blazing Saddles” that his star really took off.

He capitalized on his engaging personality with a run as a panelist on “Match Game ’75,” which was memorable for his run-in with Transylvanian female wrestler Lola Kiss.


Charlie Callas has died at 83

One of my favorite 60s and 70s comedians, Charlie Callas has died in Las Vegas at 83. A regular television guest on Carson, Merv Griffen, Ed Sullivan and Gleason, Charlie had a face that could be twisted into rubbery responses to any concept.

Callas made movies for Mel Brooks, was roasted by Dean Martin and did a little of everything in the comedy field.

According to Tony Belmont, executive director of the National Comedy Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Fla.:

“There were two things he could do that made his career. He could think very fast on his feet, and he had an unbelievable number of sounds that he made with his voice.”

Obama presents Kennedy Center Honorees

If you missed this last week, and if you are involved (or at least interested) in the Arts, this video of Obama presenting the Kennedy Center Honorees for this year is a real revelation: at last we have a President who really cares about the performing arts. You can tell by his comments that he actually KNOWS what he is talking about.