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A statement to remember from NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Mayor Bloomberg and his niece, Rachel Tiven

Speaking in support of gay marriage, Mayor Bloomberg uttered a 4 word phrase that I think should be spread on T-shirts and tattoos everywhere:

“Near-equality is no equality.”

Speaking at The Cooper Union, Bloomberg added:

“We are the freest city in the freest country in the world — but freedom is not frozen in time… I see the pain that the status quo is causing, and I cannot defend it”

Bloomberg was presented to the audience by his niece, Rachel Tiven, who is gay.


They’ve started in on the new Shepherdstown Town Hall…

Actually, the first stage, demolishing the old building, has now started. I saw the Mayor out discussing things with the workmen after post radio show coffee this morning. Here’s what the start of the process looked like:

It will be nice to get a new Town Hall… the old one was pretty ugly.