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Quote defines Romney’s career as Massachusetts Governor:


Mitt Romney seems to have been an ineffective Governor.

“It was almost like there was a moat system around the Romney castle. He had aides walking around with fake ear pieces in their ear,  pretending that they were secret service agents. He put up a velvet rope in front of the office, made sure no one had access to the governor’s office whatsoever.”

Jay Kaufman, Massachusetts State Representative

So what kind of president would he make? At least he’d get real Secret Service agents which we would pay for.


This blog is starting its 8th year… and it began with a Presidential campaign…

And here we are now watching a crowd of, frankly, insane Republicans fighting to come up with a candidate other than Mitt Romney. No matter who gains footing… first Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain and now Gingrich… Mitt stays at about 25% of the voters. Nothing seems to drive his numbers

Then again, he has plenty of money and is making fewer mistakes than his competitors, despite his apparent flip flops from his term as Massachusetts Governor.

Obama seems to be focusing on Romney and Perry. I don’t think he worries about Gingrich and he certainly didn’t worry about Bachmann and Cain. What would really be scary for Obama would be Huntsman, the one Republican who seems to cover a broader base of citizenry and who has the talent to serve in office, coming up from the bottom to win the primaries. Given his money and support ratio so far, it doesn’t look like Republicans see the advantage of Huntsman.

So this blog is stomping into the campaigns a little earlier than usual, but that’s the way the world is this year.