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Busy weekend for me.

This is a busy weekend as Elly and her Sustainable Shepherdstown group are

The Goddess of House Cleaning

having a pot luck supper at our house and we have to do a lot of cleaning today and tomorrow morning. This morning I was up early and cleaned the first floor bathroom. After my radio show I’ve been assigned to the living room… much better than the kitchen!

Tonight we have a movie preceded by a dinner with an old friend of ours who is coming into town because she ha a daughter at Shepherd. So we have a weekend that is really filled up and I’m still getting over my recent health problems which I’m likely to be doing for the next couple of months. Ain’t life great.



My son is now a married man and I am a tired old fat guy…


Morning after… I’m sitting in the lounge at the Milwaukee Hilton catching up on e-mail and my blog while my wife and my daughters go over to Buddy’s house (or should I say Will’s? No, I can’t get used to that… he’s been Buddy to me since the day he was born) for a brunch (I can’t deal with the stairs up to Bud’s house after my bone-breaking accident… and I had an extra fall yesterday walking down some narrow stairs at the Oriental Theater during wedding pictures time… so I’m staying here until they get back.)

This afternoon at 3:00 we catch the first of two trains… this one to Chicago and the next to Martinsburg, WV. We’ll be traveling for next 20 or so hours. What fun.

During Buddy and Rachel’s wedding reception last evening we had a brief rainfall… and, in a sign that I see as good luck for the married couple… it was followed by a Rainbow. What are the odds of that happening? This was magic!

Elly and I had breakfast this morning with my cousin Bob, his wife Suzie and his daughter SueSue and her boyfriend. They’re driving back to Chicago later. It was nice seeing them
The lovely young woman who works this waiting lounge just brought me some ice water… they are so pleasant here…and I think I’ll take a little nap if i can get away with it. Once we head out for the train I’ll have no Wi-Fi again until we get home tomorrow, so I can’t do much more on the blog.

Be good to each other.


Looking for a Project…

The hardest part of being a retired guy stuck in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is the lack of creative projects to get involved with that take up a substantial amount of time. So now I’m looking…

I have no current theatre projects to direct or design for, nothing I am currently writing (aside from this blog), no artwork I’m painting, drawing or sculpting, no public commissions or organizations I am participating in. Frankly, this is a boring November, and if it were’nt for family and dogs I’d be at the bottom of a depression.

So I am about to go sit at Mellow Moods to see who comes in that I can chat with who might have something going that I could latch on to.

Another day…….

Saturday Morning… Market, Voting, Making Pie

Elly is off at the Hagerstown Community College graduation with the rest of the faculty, leaving me and the dogs behind. The weather is threatening… right now there is an ongoing drizzle, but it is threatening thunderstorms. Even so, after feeding and taking the dogs for their morning walk, I left for the second week of the Morgan’s Grove Market.

Because of threatening weather about half of last week’s vendors didn’t show up… attendance was lower as well, although about half the parking area was filled. In general, the weather was not terrible, so it was a shame that more folks didn’t show up.

The Entertainment, billed as Gregorio and Friends (there were only 2 of them, so I guess some friends were absent), arrived and started playing.

Al Thomas was doing a demonstration of old-fashioned, hand turned wood which he was happy to answer questions about…

After helping Ruth Robertas out at her Four Seasons Bookstore booth for a few minutes so she could go and get a donut (I sold seven lottery tickets for the community garden!), I took off to go and vote in the Governor primary (this was an unusual Saturday election day).

Then I came home to further develop my Vegan Key Lime Pie recipe.

Tonite we’re going to see 1776 at the Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg.

Busy Saturday.

Gloom and Doom…

I am devastated. My car is in the shop again… pretty much for the same reasons that it was a couple of weeks ago. As I was coming back from grocery shopping and a few other things in Martinsburg, my car started to overheat, steam came out from under the hood and I stalled out. I called Brown’s who supposedly had fixed this (for a price equaling most of my Social Security check for last month) and now they are telling me it may be a head gasket which they would not have known about the last time (so they say) and this will be expensive.

On top of this, I can’t get to Full Circle Theater at 5:00 to do the tech rehearsal Malinda wants.  I have left a message on her phone, but she has not gotten back to me.

I’m in the process of calling others at the theater to see if they can pick me up, but so far I haven’t hit on one that wasn’t at work or that could get to the theater by 5:00.

I’m going to have to find a way to get some additional money this month… either sell something or pick up a project or something. If I can get an extra couple of hundred dollars I can probably get through this. I’ll start working on the “income project” tomorrow morning. All this is making my blood sugar go through the roof, despite insulin and Metformin.