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I’ve only seen 5 of the Oscar nominees so far…

… but I knew two of them were clearly going to end up on the list when I saw them. Unfortunately they are competing against each other. I enjoyed them both with equal enthusiasm.

Hugo was a salute to the early film industry in France (the fantastic films of Georges Melies) with chase and mystery in the Paris railroad station. I brought two of my grandsons to see it and I don’t know who liked it more, them or me. Martin Scorsese made a real winner here… and it was in 3D!

The Artist, which Elly and I saw last week, was a tribute to silent movies… black and white, some sound added for effect… and funny. One of the few movies I’ve seen lately that I would have watched again on the same day.

Both of these are worth winning the Oscar. I hope one of them comes through.

Jim Broadbent and I share a Birth date…

Jim Broadbent

While doing some reading in the attached articles to the previous post, I discovered that one of my favorite British actors and I were both born on May 24th (although Broadbent is three years younger than I am…gee, I always thought he was older.)

Broadbent has done mostly British films and television, but he won the Academy Award for best supporting actor in 2001’s Iris as devoted husband John Bayley to Judi Dench‘s Iris Murdoch, the British novelist who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease (if you’ve never seen it, hop down to the video store and bring home a copy.)

The one roll that most people remember him for is in Moulin Rouge! (2001) , for which he won a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA award for his scene-stealing performance as Harold Zidler. He is also known for playing W.S. Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan.) Over here he played Boss Tweed in Gangs of New York for director Martin Scorsese. He is also coming out in the next Harry Potter movie where he has been playing Professor Horace Slughorn in previous releases.

So when my birthday arrives 8 days from now, I’ll salute Jim Broadbent (as well as
noted pirate Captain Kidd and Bob Dylan, both of whom share our date) and wish him well.