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Can you buy an office?

Money and politics… this section of an article in by Tim Cavanaugh is worth reading. Go to the site to finish it.
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After We Hose Meg Whitman‘s Remains Off the Sidewalk, Can We Admit that Money Does Not Buy Elections?
What happens if you spend $141 million and nothing comes of it?

Nothing, of course!

Before autumn officially began, Republican candidate for California governor Meg Whitman had
already broken
the personal-spending record for American political campaigns.
Whitman’s personal campaign contribution reached $109 million in September, American democracy staggered. When her total campaign spending topped $140 million earlier this month, the Washington Post‘s Karen Tumulty was unable to enjoy the state’s sunny climate due to the “gale force” of Whitman’s spending; Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore put his bowling-ball wit into a
fake attack ad
; and L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez wrote something I didn’t actually read, but I’m sure it was full of spritely and righteous bemusement.
And yet Whitman is almost certainly going to lose on Tuesday.
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And take a look at Linda McMahon in Connecticut. It doesn’t look like money is going to buy that one either.

And just to keep us on top of talking with Tea Baggers…

… we have this animation by Mark Fiore:

A Mark Fiore animation for a Friday Afternoon:

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