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So the world’s culture changes… not necessarily for the better…

Is our view of social interaction unusually influenced by television crime drama? You Betcha!

For instance:

Dorothy, Dorothy! And what are you doing with your attack dog Toto?

Hey, did you see that they auctioned off the gingham dress that Judy Garland wore in the movie for $480,000.00?

Pioneering Magnum Photographer Eve Arnold has Died

Eve Arnold dies at 99; pioneering photojournalist

The Philadelphia native was one of the first women to join the macho world of Magnum Photography Agency. She was known for the naturalness of her images and for her photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some samples of this great artist’s work that you may recognize:

Malcolm X


Jaqueline Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe

Sorry to see that Norris Church Mailer has died..

Back in the late seventies, when I was director of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, Norris Church Mailer, then the wife (I guess she was his last) of Norman Mailer, was on my fundraising list, as were most NYC celebrities. As I recall she was a very nice woman and mother to one of Mailer’s several children.

Mailer died three years ago and Norris Church Mailer died on Sunday, of gastrointestinal cancer that she had battled for 11 years, in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

She was a former Wilhelmina model who met Mailer while getting an autograph 0n his book on Marilyn Monroe. Her own memoir, “A Ticket to the Circus,” was published earlier this year.

If I were a Billionaire I’d buy the Chelsea Hotel…

I just watched a video on the Reuters site about the Hotel Chelsea in NYC being up for sale. While a price on the 120+ year old building has not been set, its history in the world of the arts is unique. Aside from having been home to Dylan Thomas, Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe, Arthur C. Clarke as he wrote “2001 –  A Space Odyssey”, and hundreds of artists, writers, actors, dancers and musicians, it is the central monument of the Chelsea neighborhood.

When I lived in Chelsea some years ago (1970s), I was a couple of blocks away from the Chelsea Hotel and walked by it on my way to work every day. When I managed exhibitions (among other things) at the Jamaica Arts Center in Queens, I did one show with a curator who lived in the Chelsea Hotel and spent lots of hours there in meetings… a great experience. In the 60s, when developers tried to tear down the Queen Anne style building, New Yorkers campaigned together and saved it by having it declared a National Landmark. To this day, the Chelsea still operates as a hotel with both private apartments and regular hotel rooms.

Now it is for sale, although a price gas not been put on it yet. Hopefully, whoever buys it will continue in its preservation and encourage it to keep supplying a home for artists at work… few of these are left in New York.

Here’s where to go to see the Reuters video: