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Farewell to Karl Malden…Dead at 97

For many of us he will always be Mitch of “Streetcar Named Desire” or Father Corrigan of “On The Waterfront”. The Academy Award winning method actor who was usually in second place to actors like Marlon Brando or Burt Lancaster in his films has just been awarded (last month) the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Karl MaldenIn the 1970s he was Lt. Mike Stone on the Streets of San Francisco, which gave a step up to a young Michael Douglas who considered him a mentor.

Born Mladen Sekulovich in Chicago, he so regretted having to change his name in order to have a career that he insisted Fred Gwynne’s character in On The Waterfront be named Sekulovich.

He was married to his wife Mona for 70 years… a one woman man in an industry that estroys personal relationships. But Malden placed high values on family.

We will miss Karl Malden, but he has left us so much to remember.