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I’ve never missed a week of blogging since I started eight years ago…

Being in the hospital is no fun whatsoever…

…but this past week my record was shattered…as was my car and (almost) me, too.

It started last Friday when I was driving down to the Apple Store in Bethesda to get the trackpad fixed on my MacBookPro. On the way I had a car accident (if you don’t mind I’ll leave out the details) which put me in the Hospital for four days. I’m OK now…a little ribcage pain where the airbag hit… and looking forward to restarting things.

My mother and sister took care of my laptop… just got it back an hour ago… and I can get back to Under The LobsterScope. At least some things work out.

There’ll be some new posts pretty soon… just give me a chance to get it together again.

– Bill

My apologies for not posting…

After putting up the Joseph Stiglitz piece yesterday, the trackpad on my MacBook started playing games on me… going where it wanted to go, not where I did, and opening windows and folders I didn’t want to.

I spent most of the day cleaning the pad, trying all the downloads recommended on the help boards, loading and unloading applications, changing administrative sign-ons, etc., but it was only late in the evening that it started working more-or-less correctly again.  So far this morning there is no problem.

The non-working computer also kept me from finishing the article on the arts in Shepherdstown, WV, that I am writing for the new Fluent magazine… so that will take up a lot of my day today (assuming this baby keeps on course.)

So come on back later this afternoon and I hope something will be here for you.


On my older MacBook and life has slowed down…

White MacBook laptop

My regular MacBook is sitting alone on the kitchen table awaiting a call from Apple tech Services at 2:00 this afternoon. This morning I changed the case bottom on it (second one I’ve had to put on do to the “warping” problem this model has… new base was at Apple’s expense since they know they have put a less than perfect machine out here) and after I replaced it, sticking point for point on Apple’s instructions, and turned the machine on, the network wouldn’t connect. The error message was that “the Airport card is missing,” which is unusual since I didn’t touch any Airport card… just took off te old base and put on the new one.


Meanwhile, my older book is back in service (Elly has been using it but her new MacBook Pro came in yesterday.)  Hope your day is going better than mine.


I’m sitting in my car outside of Innovative Incorporated over near Hagerstown where Jeremy has just finished fixing my jammed CD drive. If any of you folks live around this area, you know Mac shops are few and far between and Jeremy’s company is an Authorized Reseller of Macs and has a very reasonable repair pricing structure. I’m glad I found him and I recommend him highly.

You’ll also know I’m back on my own machine because the little Web Poppers, the 72 x 72 pixel graphic icons I drop into my personal posts, are back. They were all on this machine and I hadn’t made a copy set for any other computer (it would have been extremely slow to take them off previous articles and not worth the time bringing them over.) I’m going to burn a CD with them all for future use (and may offer the package for sale at some time, if there is interest. They are all based on the dozen or so picture fonts that I sell.)

So now I have all my e-mail, my blog and my operating life back and you’ve never seen a happier guy.

I can’t tell you how much I miss my laptop…

I am only now realizing how dependent I am on my little white MacBook for staying on top of the news, searching for answers to questions, shopping, and keeping this blog updated.

After 2 days of borrowing other computers and being at the mercy of the time constraints of others, I went downstairs into our basement and unpacked a 7-year old Mac and a 17″ (and HEAVY) Monitor and set it up in the living room. It is running OSX 10.3.9… about 4 years old… and it is sooo slow. Not being one of the Intel based machines, I can’t upgrade it to current system software, but at least, if I wait long enough after ENTER keys, I can at least get some blog postings in.

Hopefully my laptop is back tomorrow.

Waiting for a new MacBook…

Well, it wasn’t the power supply after all… my computer has simply died. On top of that the monitor had some problems that I have been saving up my pennies to fix (estimate for that was about 450.00 …175.00 of which was parts/, so altogether it was a much more practical deal just to replace my laptop.

Thankfully, most of my documents and photographs and similar content (but not my apps which will all have to be reloaded from disc) are saved in my iDisk backup which is part of my subscription. I’ll still have a lot of setup time to spend, though.

I think the hard disk from my dead laptop is still good and I can take it out and put it in an outside case to use. The RAM may be moveable too, which will add some power to the new machine.

Anyway, it comes tomorrow or Monday via Fed Ex and I can quit borrowing Elly’s Mac.

It will be at least Monday before I get my laptop restored…

I’m on my wife’s machine again… we got the shipping notice from Amazon that the battery for my MacBook has been shipped, but, since I don’t think UPS delivers on Saturdays, I’ll have to wait until the beginning of the week to get back to my regular posting.

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable you can feel using someone else’s computer? Just the location of icons, the setup of software and even the different feel of a keyboard or mousepad can make you have a really hard time checking in. That’s how I feel now.