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No One Lies Like Lieberman…

“What I’m saying to the people of Connecticut, I can do more for you and your families, to get something done to make health care affordable, to get universal health insurance.­.. I’ve been working on health insurance reform for more than a dozen years. I have offered a comprehensive program. Small business health insurance reform. Something I call MediKids to cover all the children in America on a sliding fee basis up to the age of 25. MediChoice, to allow anybody in our country to buy into a national health insurance pool like the health insurance that we federal employees and members of Congress have. Medical malpractice reform. It will cover 95% of those who are not covered now, and it will reduce the pressure on rising costs for all the millions of others who are covered.”

– Joe Lieberman, campaign promises, October 23, 2006.

It’s time for Harry Reid to take the lying little bastard’s committee chairmanship away. If he does filibuster the Health Care Bill he should be shunned by the whole Democratic Caucus. Frankly, the Repiglicans can have him.

…and to start off our morning with 2 quotes:

Here is an interchange betweenKarl Rove and Howard Dean from a live debate yesterday that I wish I had seen. Rove had said that Medicare rejects claims twice as often as the overall health insurance industry, and he promised to put the proof in his Wall Street Journal column next week:

“That’s a made up statistic, Karl Rove. . . . For the first time tonight, I’m calling you on it. You made that up.”

– Howard Dean

“And I would appreciate it if you didn’t question my integrity. . . . Mr. Dean, you just called me a liar and I don’t appreciate it.”

– Karl Rove

If only Rove was called on it more often.

Name Calling Needs To Stop, Listening Needs To Start

Mike Hendricks in the Kansas City Star did a good editorial this morning. We should all read it. Here’s a clip:
clipped from
“Howler monkeys.”
That’s how one guy in an audience full of liberals referred to town-hall conservatives at author Thomas Frank’s presentation this week at the downtown Kansas City library.
Something similar happened the next day at UMKC, when a speaker on the cross-country American Liberty Tour described the Obama administration as “that corrupt machine of thugs.”
Lots of name calling these days, and I’m among the guilty parties. “Wing nuts” is what I called those who objected to the president’s speech to school kids.
Our mamas taught us better than to name call. Plus, it’s intellectually lazy to slap labels on those with whom we disagree.
Yet that’s the level of political discourse these days, isn’t it?
Last week a Republican House member accused the Democratic president of being a liar.
And off we all went to the comfort of our echo chambers. Conservatives to Fox and talk radio. Liberals to MSNBC and countless blogs.
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Quote of the Day

“To me the silver lining here is that maybe Obama and Democratic leaders will wake up and realize they have no partners in the GOP on healthcare reform. (Well, that may be too precipitous — Olympia Snowe? Susan Collins? Please?) Unbelievably, roughly 24 hours before Grassley — call him Judas — sold out Obama for 30 pieces of silver from his insurance industry backers, the president named Grassley as one of the reasons he continues to negotiate with Republicans, at yesterday’s town hall.”

Joan Walsh in Salon this morning on Senator Grassley’s town hall meeting in Iowa yesterday.

I hope Obama reads her article this morning and wakes up to the Repiglican strategy.