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The Latino vote is heavily weighted in Obama’s favor as of now…

In a poll by Latino Decisions released today, President Obama’s numbers are rising to 70% of registered Latino voters, compared Romney’s 22%. If that margin held until the election, it would certainly influence Latino voters in battleground states such as Florida, Nevada and Colorado.

Romney’s not giving up, however. He uses Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a surrogate, and even though the word has leaked from his campaign that Rubio would not be a vice presidential pick, Romney is still hinting that he might.

His latest Spanish-language ad features his Spanish speaking son, Craig, talking about something Romney rarely mentions: the fact that his father, George Romney, was born in Mexico.

In the ad, Craig Romney says:

“I would like to tell you how my father, Mitt Romney, thinks. He values very much that we are a nation of immigrants. My grandfather George was born in Mexico. For our family the greatness of the United States is how we respect and help each other, regardless of where we come from. As president, my father will work on a permanent solution to the immigration system, working with leaders of both parties.”

… and if you believe that, I have a great bridge to sell you.