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Quote(s) of the Day – Time to get out of the wars we are in…

“War for empire, endless and cruel war, resulting in suffering, destruction and death for millions, a war economy here at home that steals from ordinary citizens and makes the few enormously wealthy – these are powerful reasons for us to put our bodies on the wheels, the levers, the apparatus of the war-making machine and demand that it stop. Enough is enough. One innocent child killed or maimed is enough, let alone thousands. There is no glory, no heroism, no good wars, no justification whatsoever; it is all of it, based on lies.”

– Army veteran Tarak Kauff


And this from Kevin Zeese:

Antiwar advocates are standing behind the peace veterans who will be leading the largest veterans led civil resistance action against war in many years on December 16th at the White House. Veterans for Peace and other anti-war groups, including my organization Voters for Peace, will be protesting the wars in which the U.S. is engaged. Visit for more information.

If you can be there on the 16th I’m sure you’ll be welcome.