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Jobs for July higher than expected

From McClatchy newspapers:

Stronger-than-expected July jobs number reported by the government Friday eased concerns about an economy slipping back into recession and gave wind to President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes. But economists warned that the road ahead is likely to remain bumpy.

Non-farm payrolls grew by 163,000 jobs in July, according to the Labor Department, which also said the unemployment rate inched up by less than a tenth of a percentage point to 8.3 percent.

The strong report sent stocks soaring for most of Friday’s trading, with the Dow Jones industrial average up more than 220 points in the first hour, closing up 217.29 for the day at 13,096.17.

Mainstream economists had expected about 100,000 new jobs, so Friday’s report was wildly above expectations and more than double the revised 64,000 jobs that were added in June. Most heartening, economists said, was that the gains were spread across all sectors but construction and government hiring.

I find this is very encouraging even though there was a slight increase in unemployment.

Add this information to the number of private jobs gained under Democrats since 1961 and you wonder what Mitt Romney is really going to do about jobs. My guess is nothing!


Happy Birthday, America…

Here we are, in the midst of a heat wave with still over a million of our neighbors in the mid-Atlantic states out of power, and it is the 4th of July.

While not the most pleasant 4th we have had over the past few years, we are happy that the health care law still stands and our population is starting to wise up. Obama‘s numbers are rising, and that’s a positive happening.

So have a nice holiday… but stay out of the heat if you can. We are going to the first plays of the CATF tonight (we have two to see…5:30 and 8:30… and it’s going to be a long night.

Fourth of July – the beginning of our favorite month around Shepherdstown, WV

It’s the 4th today, and Elly and I are both looking for things that will fill our day. We can go to the Shepherdstown Parade and picnic, or ride over to the Charles Town Farmers Market, or go to a movie (although a quick look at the schedules shows nothing we are interested in during the afternoon.)

This evening we will be going over to the Antietam Battleground in Sharpsburg for Fireworks at Antietamthe big concert and fireworks where my Daughter, Penny, and her kids, my son Buddy ad his friend Rachel and her son, and Elly and I will sit out on the lawn and watch and picnic.

At the end of the coming week the CATF (Contemporary American Theater Festival) opens at Shepherd University. Our friends Linda and Cecil are joining us for the opening week and we’re sure looking foward to five plays, a couple of Ed Herendeenlectures and the Breakfast with Ed (Herendeen), the head of the CATF. This covers our next two weekends (the Festival ends the first week in August).

There are lots of other things going on here this month… the Goose Route Dance Festival, 4 Farmers Markets in Shepherdstown, The Fire Department Carnival, art exhibits, etc. If you get a chance to come to our town during this month, expect it to be crowded with people from all over the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions and beyond.