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Fought Traffic for forty minutes just getting out of the park…

Maryland Symphony

…but now an hour and a quarter after they ended, Elly and I are back at home with the Antietam Fireworks and Maryland Symphony Concert over again for another year.

And, as last year, I say “never again.”

The concert was nice. The fireworks were great (although I don’t know why they don’t play music with the fireworks… either live or recorded… like the big city shows.) We spent a couple of hours picnicking with family and extended friends… with the grandsons running all over the place… on two extended blanket layouts that Penny must have put down in the afternoon.

There were 30,000 people in attendance, on roads that are meant to service about 5% of that number at a time, I’m so nervous and shaken getting in and out of the park… not to  mention having to walk at least a quarter of a mile from the closest parking spot and down a steep hill carrying everything (and up it, in a shoulder to shoulder crowd while trying to get back to the car.)

At least it didn’t rain this year, as it did while we were escaping last year.