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Rhode Island House Republican Leader Robert Watson is the latest living example of the Republican difficulty with practicing what they preach. Watson is fervently anti-Marijuana, but last Friday night he was pulled over and arrested for DUI and marijuana possession.

According to The Providence-Journal, “After handcuffing Watson and placing him under arrest, the arresting police officer said he found “a small plastic sandwich bag containing a green leafy plant-like substance and a small wooden marijuana smoking pipe” in Watson’s right pants pocket.”

from Politicus USA

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John Boehner

John Boehner

Speaker Boehner says the Ryan plan “transforms Medicare into a plan that’s very similar to the President’s own healthcare bill.”

Only older people are sicker and more expensive to cover and Ryan doesn’t provide the funds for seniors to buy care. Beside that they’re identical.

 – Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

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The wage squeeze is putting most households in a double bind. Before the recession, they’d been able to pay the bills because they had two paychecks. Now, they’re likely to have one-and-a half, or just one, and it’s shrinking.

 – Robert Reich

Josh Marshall at TPM

Is there a calculated Conservative Anti-Semitism starting?

This from Josh Marshall at TPM:

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They Just Don’t Stop

I thought Sarah Palin’s “blood libel” comment was crude and stupid. And I understand that many found it offensive, though I can’t say I was really offended in any personal way. The truth is very few things actually offend me. But this actually did. The Washington Times says that the reaction to Palin is part of an “ongoing pogrom” against conservatives in America.

That strikes me as offensive and even disgusting.

I really don’t know what’s with this people.

–Josh Marshall

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Here’s a great long post by Doctor Cleveland:

Here’s the first couple of paragraphs:

History Never Repeats Itself

by Doctor Cleveland

Election day is next Tuesday. Papers like the New York Times and Washington Post began publishing their post-mortem analyses of the election results last week. What should Obama do now that next Tuesday’s results are in? Highly paid opinion writers have opinions.

The current conventional wisdom has two basic pillars:

1) It is currently 1994.

2) Since it’s 1994, Bill Clinton should be President.

I’m going to leave the actual electoral predictions to my colleague Articleman and to folks like Nate Silver. But even if Tuesday night were to turn into an exact replay of 1994, district by district, the political situation on Wednesday morning would still be something completely new. History echoes itself, but it never repeats exactly. If this really were 1994, of course, being more like Bill Clinton would be a stupid idea, like telling someone fighting Muhammad Ali to be more like Sonny Liston. As Ezra Klein and Josh Marshall both remind us, the Big Dog was soundly beaten in 1994. And his post-1994 playbook, no matter how successful it was fifteen years ago, is just not going to work in 2011. Things have changed.

Now go to DAGBLOG to read the rest.

Josh Marshall sums up the “Ground Zero Mosque” stuff with this piece on Feisal Abdul Rauf…

This must really be a no news day if this is all we have to make big issues around.
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If you have a taste for black comedy, here’s some good stuff. Since the early Bush administration the US State Department has been sending American Imams to Muslim-majority countries around the world to talk about religious pluralism and the glories of practicing Islam in America. Twice the Bush administration sent none other than New York Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba House project, on one of these trips. And now, as I write, he’s on a third trip to the region (specifically Saudi Arabia and a series of Gulf emirates) to tell audiences what it’s like to practice Islam under our regime of religious freedom and equality.
I can just imagine the fun moments with Rauf dispelling the myths of his benighted Saudi listeners about the place of Muslims in the West.
Of course, if you think that Rauf is back there in the Islamic hood to give the locals an update on his work to place America under the rule of Sharia Law, then the comedy may have a different context.
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