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Want to feel better on a Friday afternoon?

Here’s Anthony Wiener addressing the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner.

He’s a riot:

Democrats are lucky to have him.

Thanks to Mock, Paper, Scissors for pointing this one out.

An analysis of humor…

I just read a great article called “The Dead Chipmunk – An Interrogation Into the Mechanisms of Jokes” by Chris Bachelder in the February issue of The Believer.  It is too long to reproduce here… but you should go to THE BELIEVER and read it, especially if you are into the creation of funny stuff.

Find out why the “Twentieth Century staggers toward its close in a blizzard of one-liners,” as Donald Barthelme said.

– Bill

Cartoon(s) of the Week – 2 that caught me

Lee Judge in the Kansas City Star:

Kagan vs. Senate: Fair fight?

– and –

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

There were eight years that didn’t exist!

Dave Letterman is sure having fun with this…

And Leno will do the right thing? Sure.

BTW… I’ve added an entertainment site to the list on the side.

Just because it makes me laugh my head off, I’ve added Sam Hoffman’s brilliant site Old Jews Telling Jokes under the new category “strictly for entertainment.”

This is the Second Season and it will have you rolling on the floor whether you’re Jewish or not (I’m not… but my wife is).

Have a good time.