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Saturday House of Reps’ Session… great TV!

I’m watching the House being chaired by Representative John Dingell (D – Michigan) as the House Health Care Bill is debated which has been scheduled for 4 hours. As the Democrats take their first half hour of bringing up their issues , the Republicans are injecting objection after objection laced with Parliamentary Inquiries to interrupt the Democrats. This is both to break up and perhaps expand the time allotted without getting anywhere.

Dingell is keeping his frustration level down, but I can see the blood bubbling up here. Initially, this is working in the Repub’s favor… but as it goes on it makes them look very silly. I’m very impressed with Dingell and this is not doing anything to make me think more of the Repiglicans… but I don’t think they care what people think of them.

If you are near C-Span this morning, get yourself some popcorn and settle in for the show.