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My congratulations to Stephen Skinner…My best wishes to Elliot Simon

The election finished in West Virginia with results I predicted on the air.

So we have a wonderful guy going to the State House of Delegates representing us here in Jefferson County.

Although I consider myself glad to know both Skinner and his opponent, libertarian Republican Elliot Simon, who does the radio programCommon Sense” on Saturday Mornings just before my show, “Talk To Me”, on WSHC radio in Shepherdstown, I must say it is Stephen’s politics that I agree with. It does not surprise me that he won.

I’ll be glad to have Elliot’s full time attention back on our Saturday Morning broadcasts. I’m sure he disagrees with me, but I hope we will still cordially greet each other between shows.


August is heading toward a close…

We’re moving through the last nine days of August… summertime is rolling to a close. The kids are back in school this week… Shepherd students are all over town and Elly’s Fall classes have started over in Hagerstown.

Our cucumbers and tomatoes have come in strong over the past two weeks and I’ve been pickling while Elly makes our winter supply of tomato sauce. This is the first year that we have put up so much stuff from the garden… a number of growing experiments paid off (and some just dropped dead!)

The Jefferson County Fair opens today… Elly has never been a fair-goer, but I like wandering around, watching the animal auctions, taking pictures and seeing what kinds of things grow in our area (we’re still in a Farming Belt, even though the Eastern Panhandle is the most sophisticated part of the State.)

County Fairs are a sure sign that summer is ending. This was the time of year in my Connecticut days that we would drive up to Massachusetts for the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield… something I did from the time I was a kid to the time I lived in CT as an adult.

So here we are… this is my first end-of-summer since retiring and I have some volunteer work to do for the American Conservation Film Festival and for the next production at Full Circle Theater (lights). And I’ve got my slot on John case’s radio show, where I’m now writing some short radio-dramas.

Have a nice Sunday.

Voting Day in West Virginia

It’s primary day today and I’m getting out to vote for Delegate Doyle (and others) here in Shepherdstown. If it’s voting day where you are, get out and vote… it’s what keeps us free.

I Return from the Polls…

…after casting my Jefferson County vote in the “table gaming” question. I don’t think the folks at Charles Town Races and Slots (CTR&S) are going to be very happy with me.

The reason, of course, is that I voted NO in this special referendum for the citizens of Jefferson County, WV. The reasons?

1. As I recall from the gambling casinos in Connecticut (the difference being that they are “Indian Gaming” – but people are affected in the same way), the prevalence of table games at Casinos does NOT create GOOD jobs, rather brings in more lower end jobs from out of state, for localities…

2. Does cause an increase in crime…

3. Is a huge traffic hassle which costs a fortune to maintain on the roads…

4. All the pro-gambling promotion (I’ve been getting 3 or 4 of the SAME BROCHURE in the mail every day for the last week… plus people from OUTSIDE our county coming around door to door… plus signs all over the place) leading me to the conclusion: if they have to do this much to promote it, something is wrong.

5. Doesn’t set the American Entrepreneur example for our kids (how many of you want your kids to grow up and be Maverick?)…

6. A purely personal reason… when I was looking for a job in the last 15 months of unemployed status, CTR&S wouldn’t even give me an interview. If I can’t get a job there, then the “adding jobs” rationalization is meaningless to me.

If you disagree with me and are a registered voter in Jefferson County, you have until 7:30 tonite to offset my vote.

P.A.T.H. Protest

PATH mtgThis afternoon I went to a Jefferson County meeting of people wanting to kill the P.A.T.H. proposal – those huge electrical towers and lines that will run from the coal fields of southern West Virginia to New Jersey. They have been universally rejected by all the other states around us and here they will be subject in about 9 months to a decision of a 3 person Commission that is not controlled by the state legislature or anyone else, it seems.

On Tuesday and Wednesday there are going tombe three public hearings over at Shepherd University to get locals to testify why they don’t want the line crossing Jefferson County. This afternoon’s meeting was to get out information and encourage people to testify.

Apparently this is an unnecessary piece of development that a group of Electric Companies, including Allegheny which is the largest … and the one who does our electric service, will make over 14 million bucks on unnecessary lines which we will pay for and get no advantage from (our rates go up to cover them.) PATH mtg 2Many people along the line they will be developing will lose property or entire homes to eminent domain so the electric corporations can make a buck.

The Sierra Club and other organizations are part of the protest. You can go HERE and read why they don’t believe that constructing these lines is a good idea.

I brought a lot of the paperwork home to review, signed a protest notice and I guess I’ll probably show up at the Franks Center at Shepherd on Tuesday to oppose this.