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Here’s a budget busting idea for Congress:

President Barack Obama speaks to a joint sessi...

Found this info on the amount of time Congressfolk actually work in Politicus.USA:

House Republicans are scheduled to work even less in 2012. The House GOP has given themselves a schedule for next year that will have them in session for just 108 days. They will only be in session for six days in January, eight days in April, and three days in August. The House will be in session for exactly 13 days between September 10 and the 2012 election. With an average salary of $174,000,each member of the House will earn $1,611.11 for each day that they are in session.

If America really wanted to reduce the budget deficit, they could start by paying the members of Congress only for the days that they are actually in session.

I don’t suppose you wonder why there is not a jobs bill… I know I don’t.