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Lets hear it for Jack Black as “The Mis-Informant”

Tired of hearing our Health Care laws decried as “Obamacare” and criticized without fact or reason? Somebody has to show how the Republicans do it… and Jack Black is the one:

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

…and if you want to know more, go to

A project by Health Care for America Now
Starring: Jack Black, America Ferrera and Caitlin Carmichael
Project Founder: Gloria Bremer

Directed by Jeremy Konner
Executive Producers: Gloria Bremer and Health Care for America Now
Produced by Andrew Epstein & Barrett J. Klausman
Co-Executive Producer: Diane Keefe
Co-Producers– Sarah May Bates, JD Ryznar, Drew Hancock

Edited by Tim Nackashi and Jeremy Konner
Casting by Leslie Woo

Special Thanks to Michael Bacall, Ben Cooley, James Atkinson, Peter Karinen,
Brian Sacca and Simon Helberg

Jack Black – Nathan Spewman
America Ferrera – Childrens Teacher
Caitlin Carmichael – Bethany
Connor Gibbs – Mark/Marty
Kristen Sartisian – Drawing Girl
Ann Caimi – Playground Teacher
Keith Jackson – Fireman
Barrett J. Klausman – Fireman
Kyle Templin – Billionaire
Coco Grayson -Kid
Asher Nee- Kid