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Here’s a small audio project for you and your iPhone:

I found this on Boing Boing the other day and it seemed to me an awfully clever idea: How to make a sort-of speaker for your iPhone.

It uses the cardboard toilet paper roll center that we usually just throw away. You just cut a slit in the middle that’s big enough to stick your iPhone in (speakers down, of course) and when you play music or radio or podcasts it’s like having an amplifier.

Try it. It takes about five minutes, Here’s what it looks like:

Love it.


Battling a new virus in my Mac…

The Defender Virus was bad enough, but now it looks like I’ve got a new system virus in my Mac and just searching for it and removing it is taking up hours,

Just thought I’d let you know why so little is going into the blog.

– Bill