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Quote of the Day – Is Romney’s Primary History Accurate?

“Did Rick Santorum win the Iowa caucus?


“That’s what it looks like if numbers from a caucus in the town of Moulton, Appanoose County, are correctly counted when the official certification begins Wednesday night.

“This not only would rewrite the election history of 2012 to date—it would invalidate the oft-repeated line that Mitt Romney is the only candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. It would stop the inevitability narrative in its tracks.”

– John Avlon in The Daily Beast

Add this to his tax problem (and his teeny speaker’s fees) and it certainly doesn’t seem like a good week for Mitt.

Waking up to Romney by 8 votes… Really!

Romney and Santorum… a close tie at 25%, but Romney led by 8 votes. Ron Paul was 21%. Gingrich was 13%. The rest were so low it didn’t matter.

My main view of the Iowa Caucus was that it was meaningless. No one came out with enough of a lead to be the official Republican challenger. The three at the top will certainly be easy pickins’ for Obama (you can come back in November and quote me on that.)

Next Tuesday is New Hampshire and that’s a winner-take-all affair. Let’s see what happens then.

What the Iowa Caucus Looks Like…

Well, it’s tomorrow… the Iowa Caucus will take place and, finally, come to a close, leaving us with what? The up and down polls have have moved one candidate after another into the lead until no matter who wins it will probably not be by much.

Ezra Klein in the Washington Post showed the condition of the Iowa polls in the last few months here:

… almost uninterpretable!

I guess I’ll put my money on… gee, I don’t know. Iowa has a record for not coming up with the final nominee (folks like Pat Robertson come to mind) and the rise in the last couple of days of Rick Santorum makes me think some of our best comedy writers are behind the whole thing.

If Gingrich wins, Obama will be thrilled.