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How the Rich earn money with no work, create no jobs and pay minimal taxes…

Without money

Great article in PoliticusUSA this morning. It’s called Republicans Twist Capitalism Into a Democracy Killer. Here’s a clip:

One thing the Tea Party crowd must know, but seems incapable of comprehending, is that most of the 1% modern day money is accumulated through doing no work at all. NONE! It comes from investments. A 1 percenter buys 1,000 or 10,000 shares of a stock for $40 a share; the stock appreciates to $75 a share. The holder sells the stock for a profit. He or she has done NO work; has created NO jobs. Nor will he or she investor EVER work for that money or create jobs. As a single entity, they buy the stock, sell the stock and deposit the money in their account and will probably pay little or no taxes.

The republican power elite is now working day and night to see to it that those capital gains and dividends where applicable are not taxed. So you have a class of people who can make enormous money and will give none of it to the U.S. Treasury. Do you get more patriotic than that?

Go HERE and read the whole article.

Now don’t you think the tax structure should be changed so the one-percenters pay the same tax rates on their income, however they get it, as we the people? Can you get more patriotic than that?

I doubt it.