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Paul Krugman’s column in the NY Times, A Hatchet Job So Bad It’s Good , is worth reading:

I think the Insurance Industry DID work against themselves this week by making real “scare level” attacks on any change in the system whatsoever.

Here’s part of Krugman’s evaluation of the AHIP attack:

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In the past, the insurance industry’s power has been a major barrier to health-care reform. Most notably, the industry paid for the infamous “Harry and Louise” ads that helped kill the Clinton plan. But times have changed.

Last weekend, the lobbying organization America’s Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP, released a report attacking the reform plan just passed by the Senate Finance Committee. Some news organizations gave the report prominent, uncritical coverage. But health-care experts quickly, and correctly, dismissed it as a hatchet job. And the end result of AHIP’s blunder may be a better bill than we would otherwise have had.

For 2009, it turns out, is not 1993. Once again, Republicans have tried to kill reform with smears and scare stories. But all they seem to have killed with their cries of “socialism” and warnings about “death panels” is their own credibility. Some form of health-care reform is highly likely to pass.

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To read the whole column, go HERE.

Quote of my Lifetime

“A common mistake that people make when
trying to design something completely foolproof is
to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

– Douglas Adams

As I see whole masses of people who have very little being used by people who have a great deal… ie: the way the Insurance Industry has gotten the right-wing poor to support a Health Care setup that will make them poorer… the words of the late Douglas Adams become a striking revelation.