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In D.C. Tomorrow and looking for some Political Fun?

Why not join our friend Gov. Howard Dean and the folks at Health Care For America Now on a March against the Insurance companies and Big Corporations that are lobbying with all the big bucks to destroy ANY health care bill? If I get a chance, I’m going down.

Called the Citizen’s Posse, the stated objective is:

We need your help to put the insurance companies and every corporate enemy of change on notice: We will not allow the big corporations and their lobbyists to bully Congress into inaction.

There is an Insurance company conference going on tomorrow protesters will gather in Dupont Circle to hear Governor Dean at 10:30 AM, then march to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where the the conference is being held.

You can be a Citizen’s deputy (which will get you some extra training) by filling out the form HERE. Since the goal is to arrest the insurance guys, the training will be very useful.

Hope lots of you can go.

Obama wants a “straight answer” from health insurers…

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President Barack Obama attacked the country’s biggest health insurers on Saturday for failing to give him a “straight answer” on why they were “arbitrarily and massively” hiking their premiums.

Obama’s renewed criticism of insurers comes as he tries to rally support among Americans and lawmakers within his own Democratic Party for a final push to pass a bill reforming the troubled $2.5 trillion healthcare industry.

The president and his health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, met the chief executives of four of the largest U.S. health insurance companies — Aetna Inc, Cigna Corp, UnitedHealth Group Inc and WellPoint Inc — at the White House this week.
“They couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they keep arbitrarily and massively raising premiums — by as much as 60 percent in states like Illinois,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.
“If we do not act, they will continue to do this.”
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There’s more HERE.

What acts like a Republican but Caucuses with the Democrats and is ready to screw the Majority of Americans?

Why, a Lieberman, of course. Now it seems that Harry Reid has not been careful in counting Low Blow Joe in his final 60 votes.

Let’s start with this from HuffPo:

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Sen. Joe Lieberman, the independent Democrat from Connecticut, emerged Tuesday afternoon from a meeting with his caucus as the center of attention — again.

On his way in, he told reporters that if a public health insurance option was in the final health care bill, he would join a GOP filibuster to prevent it from getting an up or down vote. HuffPost asked him if there’d been much reaction from his colleagues in the Democratic caucus.


“Not really,” he said, “because I think my colleagues know for a long time that I’ve been opposed to a government-created, government-run insurance company.”

Lieberman stressed that he was not opposing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) effort to get a bill on to the floor — one that includes a public health insurance option. Rather, said Lieberman, he would oppose a final vote on the bill by supporting a GOP filibuster if the public option remained in the bill.
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Now, not only do 70% of Americans want the Public Option, but the majority of Lieberman’s Connecticut citizens want it. Ned Lamont, who beat Lieberman in the 2006 Democratic primary only to lose to the senator in the general election (after Lieberman defected from the party), accused his one-time opponent of posturing for attention in making his filibuster threat:

“I think he wanted to rush to war now he wants to dither on health care.You don’t have to posture. You just have to sit down and talk to your fellow Democrats and move this thing along.”

You can go HERE to listen to Lieberman say that he’s going to do whatever he thinks is right no matter what the Caucus decides… in other words he’s being supported by the Connecticut insurance companies and he might as well BE a Republican.

This isn’t the first time that Lieberman has screwed his Caucus… HuffPo lists 15 incidents where Joe has doublecrossed his buddies, going back to helping to kill Clinton’s Health Care reform, supporting McCain for President, and waffling on Social Security when McCain wanted to privatize it. Maybe Reid will look at the situation now and take away Lieberman’s Committee chairmanship and hustle Olympia Snowe to change parties.

As it stands, Reid has to be looking at the poll of Nevadans that that favor the Public Option (from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee):

QUESTION: Would you favor or oppose the government offering everyone a government administered health insurance plan — something like the Medicare coverage that people 65 and older get — that would compete with private health insurance plans?
__________________FAVOR_____OPPOSE___NOT SURE
ALL ______________54__________39_________7
MEN ______________50__________44_________6

Obama’s Weekly Addressed talked about the Insurance Industry’s Anti-Trust Exemption…

… so does this counter the Insurance companies claiming that rates wouod go up?

Make your own conclusion after watching Obama’s weekly address:

… or is this just a negotiating tactic. Are we going to use the Democratic majority to get what we need, or are we going to knuckle under to the regular game players again?

Quote of the Day

“I know insurance companies treat their clients badly and charge way too much for their products. I know there is a way the government could create a public option that would help millions of Americans with these problems, but helping people is not my top priority. I think it is much more important to give large for-profit corporations another chance to screw over the American people.”

Jon Walker at FireDogLake’s Campaign Silo saying what politicians (Harry Reid in this instance) REALLY MEAN when they support a “Trigger” in the Health Care legislation as opposed to a straight-forward Political Option.

Watch the Advertising… The Health Care fight is getting heavier on both sides.

As I wait for Obama to give his speech to the joint houses of Congress tonight,  I am seeing ads all over the place pushing every possible view on reforming health care. I’ve seen late-night ads by independent (although obviously right-wingnut) organizations pushing every lie that has been raised on Health Care Reform, from Death Panels to to a statement that the majority of Americans are happy with what they’ve got. I’ve seen the AARP come out pushing reform in Health Care and not to shy away from changes that have to be made.

Here is a page from today’s NY Times (as a matter of clarification and integrity, I was one of the petition signers mentioned):


When I turned the TV on this morning I saw this ad by Michael Steele and the Republican National Committee:

Mark Silva in the Chicago Tribune blog, The Swamp, says about this ad:

In political circles, there is a term for the tactic that the Republican National Committee is deploying with a new run of national cable ads and TV ads airing in Florida:


With its ad touting a “Seniors’ Bill of Rights,” the RNC is capitalizing on fears that Medicare will be undermined in the health-care initiatives that Democratic leaders in Congress are debating, and that the government will force “end-of-life” decisions. … The suggestion for a seniors’ bill of rights, something that everyone can agree on, overlooks the fact that what everyone is having trouble agreeing on is a national plan that offers health insurance for people who lack it. Senior citizens are insured.

And no where, of course, does Steele mention Insurance Companies and the obscene profits they make denying claims.

So we wait tonight for Barack Obama to take control of the situation. The talking heads on television are debating “public option” and “triggered” public option (which I like to think of as the Roy Rogers’ Horse Plan) or whether the Democrats will sign on if there is no public option at all.

Meanwhile, the Insurance company lobbyists are getting their jollies on by keeping both sides at each others’ throats.

Under The LobsterScope

Quote of the Day

“And then these Republican bastards are joining with their Democratic bastard pals to lick the stinking buttholes of the health and insurance lobby so that the steady flow of money, and the high-end Congressional and Senatorial lifestyles, power and influence funded by such a flow, won’t be interrupted.”

– Lisa at Politics After 50

(Actually this is just an enticement for you to read a great post… one of the best I’ve seen on the current situation. Go HERE to read it all.)