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I’m sitting in my car outside of Innovative Incorporated over near Hagerstown where Jeremy has just finished fixing my jammed CD drive. If any of you folks live around this area, you know Mac shops are few and far between and Jeremy’s company is an Authorized Reseller of Macs and has a very reasonable repair pricing structure. I’m glad I found him and I recommend him highly.

You’ll also know I’m back on my own machine because the little Web Poppers, the 72 x 72 pixel graphic icons I drop into my personal posts, are back. They were all on this machine and I hadn’t made a copy set for any other computer (it would have been extremely slow to take them off previous articles and not worth the time bringing them over.) I’m going to burn a CD with them all for future use (and may offer the package for sale at some time, if there is interest. They are all based on the dozen or so picture fonts that I sell.)

So now I have all my e-mail, my blog and my operating life back and you’ve never seen a happier guy.

Black Friday

OK… this is the big shopping day beginning the Christmas Season and Elly and I are off to visit my mother in Manassas. On the way we are going to stop at the Apple Store at Tyson’s Corner and take a look at IPhones, which Elly wants to move up to (so do I).

I’m waiting for her to get back from a morning appointment so we can leave… meanwhile I’ve been browsing the Apple Store on line… turns out that today is the only sale event they are having all year (Apple never does “sales”… they cut the prices of things when new models come out. Today is different.)

What I don’t understand is what the real costs are through AT&T… even though we currently get our cellphone service from them. I see so many things quoted on the net I don’t know what to think. Perhaps today we’ll get everything straightened out.