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Looks like we got about 6″ of snow overnight…

Looking out the window, I’m dreading walking the dogs. Yesterday, I slipped and fell on an icy patch in the road in front of our townhouse and, remarkably, I didn’t let go of the dogs’ leashes, but I also couldn’t get up given my useless knees… my first devastating sign of old age.

Fortunately, someone was out shoveling their walk and came to my assistance with a large football player (a Shepherd student of course) who helped me tom my feet… but it left me worried about getting around all day. Now Elly is taking my car (I have All Wheel Drive) and heading off to work (HCC is starting 2 hours late this morning) and I am contemplating the terror of walking the dogs in this mess.

We have a rehearsal for “Claudie Hukill” tonite at Full Circle Theater, and I hope the streets in town get plowed out so there is parking. As I recall this time last year when I was directing “The Hunting of the Snark“, the opera for kids that I wrote in the seventies with composer Edwin Roberts, we had this kind of a snowfall which was followed by even more snow and we had to delay the production by two weeks. This could easily happen again.

We don’t get a lot of snow around here (the weather bureau says we get 20.9″ annually, but that is just a tiny percentage of what we got when we lived in Connecticut… they’ve had over seven feet already this year… and most of it comes in February. Just have to grit my teeth and get through this.

I’d really like to direct The Fantasticks…

I was watching a piece on Ovation today about the history of The Fantasticks, the Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones musical that ran for 42 years off-Broadway. It made me start thinking, as I have several times in the last year (and some of my friends are really bored with hearing me talk about it), that I have a production of this great show in my head and I’d really like to do it. Right now, if I were going to do it anywhere, I’d do it at Full Circle Theater… but I don’t know if they would go for it.

Since it only requires a piano, it would be ideal for my friend Ruth Raubertas at the Bookstore who did my piano on Hunting of the Snark last year. And I’m sure the voices I need are around… even though it is a seven man one woman cast (we usually have a majority of women who come out for shows). The scenic requirements are minimum and it works wonderfully in a small theatre (compared to the Sullivan St. Playhouse where the show resided for 4+ decades, Full Circle with its 90 seats is like a huge auditorium!)

So I sent an e-mail off to the executive directors and Board President (Robin, Laura and Joe) asking if they had an interest in doing The Fantasticks in the 2011-2012 season. I don’t know when I’ll hear from them… they don’t often respond to my e-mail… I’ll probably have to bring this up in person. If it could be decided early enough that we could do it,  I would have time to raise some of the money necessary for royalties and scores, etc. We don’t usually do advance fund raising for productions here, but I remember when I did Ride The Winds at Laurel Mill Playhouse and had time to go out and raise funds through program advertising and other inventions-of-promotion, we brought in close to $3,000.00 which gave us the set and hall reconstruction allowing us to create a classical Japanese performance space.

Maybe if Full Circle won’t do it, I can find another of the local (say within 50 miles) Community Theatres that will. I’ll keep you updated on this project (and welcome suggestions or leads relating to it.)

I thought I’d take a day before commenting on Snark…

So now I’m a full 24 hours away from the first three shows and I’m not as disappointed as I thought I would be. In reality it went very well when one considers that this is amateur, community-oriented theatre… the first time I have done Snark without professionals (and the first time I have done it in 34 years.) I had fun watching it and was able to talk with individual cast members about little improvements and such.

Now we are going to do a “brush up” rehearsal on Wednesday to make sure they don’t lose the status they have gained and to add some very small changes. Assuming it goes OK, Friday nite’s show should continue the good performances.

We have plenty of tickets available if you are in the area. Go to the Full Circle Theater site to make reservations.

Another night of Auditions for Hunting Of The Snark…

…and now I’m up to half a cast with one more night to go.

Had some great voices so far, but I am five people (four men) short and wish I had much, much more to choose from. But, hey, this is Community Theatre, and the word “opera” seems to be scaring the hell out of people. Too bad… if they new how light and how much fun Snark is I might not have a problem.

Oh, Well, another audition at Full Circle Theater tomorrow night from 7 to 9.  Do you sing?