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I’m wondering if Halloween is turning into a sexually demonstrative holiday…

Have you seen some of the Halloween costumes, both for kids and adults, that are popping up on the web looking for buyers to turn on? I’m finding them amazing…what was always, to me, a kids’ holiday with a spooky, witches and ghosts attitude seems to be changing radically.

The first costume I saw that made me look for more was this kid’s costume:

The idea that mothers are going to let their young ‘uns out as contraceptive packages surprised the hell out of me… not that I didn’t think it was hilarious.

Then again, there are adult costumes that are making me wonder what folks are looking to communicate.
Perhaps there are too many things in our society that aren’t getting enough attention… or the conservative attack on a woman’s right to choose has results that appear unnatural.

I’m not about to think of Halloween as an obnoxious holiday… it never has been during my life.

It does seem that some folks are having lots of fun with this. I’m not sure if the penis here is for kids or adults. Whatever, it certainly seems happy.

Can you picture moms and dads in the costume shop with junior shopping for this year’s appearance. And then there are girl’s costumes, too. A used feminine napkin is something I would never have imagined as something to walk the neighborhood looking for candy as.

When you think of it, there are many similar things which could be turned into Halloween costumes and some designer somewhere is having an emotional roller coaster ride.

How we see members of the opposite sex is something that expresses an unusual opinion. Men are, perhaps, looking for ways to make a statement as to how he sees the woman in his life. A joke? An insult? A confused thought? Who can tell?

Then, of course, there are costumes looking for some kind of action. Does it make you wonder what occurs during the free mammogram? One can guess.

There is, however, a view of the man/woman relationship as a plug-in idea… and energy will probably be passed on. This is pretty neat, but still highly suggestive.

So… I hope at the end of the month you have an interesting and revealing Halloween.


Thanks to Suzanne Fleischauer for her contribution to this blog…


My thanks  to Suzanne Fleischauer for her contribution to this blog Thanks, Suzanne.
Watch your e-mail, your Bill’s Box Specials font is on the way!
– Bill
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It’s Mothers Day… and I wish a happy one to all you Mothers out there…

Mother's Day card

Elly (who is waiting to see if our son calls her from Milwaukee with a Happy Mothers Day) and I are riding down to Manassas  to take my mom to lunch in celebration.

Although I think this was a holiday created by the greeting card companies in association with florists everywhere, it’s good to remember how much our mothers mean to us. Our personalities were formed under her auspices as we grew up. She was our first supporter and encouraged us as we headed into the future. She was the true person we could turn to if we were in trouble. Is there anyone more important than a mother.

So here’s a bit on the history of Mothers Day:

Have a nice one.

Happy St. Paddy’s – I’m over at WSHC for an early start…

Elliot Simon has to leave at 9:15,so I’m covering for his show and then mine at WSHC 89.7 FM ( Had to get up earlier than usual to put my show together, but it’s all set and I’m ready.

Elly and I are celebrating St. Patrick’s day by continuing to get stuff out of the old house and move it to the new one. Isn’t that exciting. We have some of the Shepherd U. Boys and a borrowed pickup truck tomorrow and I hope we get most of what’s left out (but I doubt that it is possible!)

Anyway, have a good morning and tune in if you can.

Happy Presidents Day… go out and buy a car.

Here’s an essay I did a while ago… it still applies. Sorry I’m being lazy on this holiday…

Presidents Day

This is the Holiday which, as far as I can tell, is designed for Car Dealers more than it is to revere the men who made our country great.

When I was growing up we had separate holidays for Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday. They first honored the man who was our first President and who led us through the military activities of the Revolution. We also remember every year that he voluntarily stepped down after two terms when he could easily have become a lifetime American King. The second holiday honored the man who kept our nation together, freed the slaves and suffered assassination.

These holidays were originally held on actual birthdates, no matter where in the week they fell (Washington on the 22nd, Lincoln on the 12th). Then, as holidays and long weekends became inextricably connected in order to satisfy labor demands, they were moved to nearest Mondays on a regular basis. When it became clear from our corporate citizens (as defined by the Supreme Court last month) that we had too many holidays throwing business off… and wanting to make room for a holiday for Martin Luther King (highly deserved, btw), the birthdays of the two Presidents were combined into President’s Day.

Without a particular focus on a particular President, the holiday was easily co-opted by automobile dealers as the big sale holiday designed to get folks to part with money in the bleak month of February, thus cleaning out inventories before the Spring announcement of new models for the coming year. And that seems to be where we have stayed.

So happy President’s Day. Take the kids who are out of school with you to run around the showrooms (that will act as necessary protective measure… salesmen will get to their price more quickly just to get the little devils out of their sales area) as you shop for new wheels.

Have a good time.

I’m getting ready for a solar energy presentation at Town Hall this evening. Actually, that’s a good way to celebrate Presidents Day… energy awareness makes the country better.

Just a comment on belief… atheists can be thankful,too.

Someone asked me how I could be thankful on Thanksgiving with no belief in a creator on high.

It’s time to reveal a reality: Atheists can be thankful,too.

We don’t thank a holy individual.

We thank our families and our friends and the celebrated and the anonymous.

We are thankful for good things that have happened to us and thankful just to be alive and surviving in the great wide world.

We are thankful to have a means of expression (like this blog, or community theatre plays, or radio shows, or art, or the basic freedom of speech.)

We are thankful that we can share all these things with each other and hope to continue to for years to come.

See? It’s not hard to conceive of a thankful atheist. It’s much harder for us to conceive of an invisible deity pulling the strings.


Here’s to everyone’s families on Thanksgiving Eve…

Tomorrow, families everywhere will be getting together to enjoy Thanksgiving, and I think it is Families we should be most thankful for.

Locally, Elly and I are going over to my daughter Penny’s to have delicious locally raised heirloom turkey with her and her three boys. Not all of our family will be there… but we all got together last Saturday (from as far away as Wisconsin and Connecticut and Virginia) for Elly’s surprise birthday party over at the Entler Hotel (one of our historic sites) in Shepherdstown. So many came in that they couldn’t all afford to get here tomorrow… but we did get to see everyone during the week.

So enjoy your family tomorrow and be good to each other.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Labor Day Weekend… getting ready for Monday’s Radio Show on WSHC

Monday is Labor Day… a day when we are supposed to celebrate the working men and women that make our country great. However, many no longer remember that we celebrate this day on the first Monday in September, and not like the rest of the world does on May Day. This is because Congress, decades ago, felt that a day celebrating Labor with the rest of the world made it seem that the USA endorsed Socialism and Communism… so they changed the date and for years have turned the meaning of the the holiday to a day off for workers celebrating the end of the summer.

Therefore, on Labor Day I plan on playing only Labor music… songs by Joe Hill, Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger and others.

Here’s a sample:

If you know others you want me to play, get in touch by tomorrow night.

Memorial Day Weekend Begins…

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a GIFT. That’s why it’s called the present.”
— Bill Keane

Memorial Day weekend has begun. From now through Monday we’ll be celebrating the founding of our country and the sacrifices made by soldiers in wars and conflicts.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be at Morgan’s Grove market from 9:00 Am to 12:00 Noon. Tomorrow night, Elly and I are going to Full Circle Theater to see Last of the Boys, a play by Steven Dietz.

Also, at some time this weekend (probably tonight), we’ll be going to the Old Opera House to see a film I’ve been waiting for:  Pom Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock.

Monday I’ll be hosting Winners and Losers for John Case on WSHC (89.7 FM) from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. To listen on your computer if you are out of our limited broadcast range, go to

Have a great weekend, my friends, and if you are at any of the things in Shepherdstown I’m going to, say “Hi”.

– Bill

Easter… I’m over at my daughter’s house…

Both my daughters, Cassandra and Penny, are at Penny’s house for Easter with all my grandsons. So that’s where I am this morning.

Image representing Adobe Flash as depicted in ...

I’m on Penny’s Mac and she uses Safari which I can never really get used to (I’m a Firefox guy)… I started on her iPad, but since I use a lot of  Adobe’s Flash on my blog, the Home

Page won’t even come up.  Anyway, here I am stumbling my way through.

We’re all going over to Blue Moon for lunch, then Cassandra, Matthew, and my grandson, Milo, are heading back on the 4-hour drive to Connecticut. Milo has school tomorrow and they need to get back early enough so he gets some sleep tonite.

Elly and I, of course, don’t really celebrate Easter, being certified non-believers, but seeing the kids ransack their Easter baskets is a treat. I grew up in the Easter season when mu father sold Easter baskets in his drugstore and we set up at home for about a month making them… filling them with candy and a big chocolate rabbit in the middle, then putting colored cellophane and a bow on them. What I remember most, heh heh, was sneaking into the dining room where we made the baskets, and taking candies from the stacks and stacks of boxes we got from the distributor. And there was a HUGE box of loose jellybeans… my favorite… to grab a handful from.

I look at that now from my position as an aging diabetic and realize that I’ve gotten my just reward.

I’ll be back later to update the blog.

A Quote for this Day of Observance…

“A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, “This way of settling differences is not just…   A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

– Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Labor Day

Today is the first Labor Day of my, more or less, forced retirement. My wife has no teaching responsibilities today and is sleeping late… I’m planning a Vegan delight to bring to the town Labor Day Picnic down in Morgan’s Grove Park.

According to the morning news, Obama is going to announce a $50 Billion job stimulation program (which Congress won’t get around to until they come back from vacation) in a Labor Day speech today. It’s probably too late for him to get the economy in any kind of shape before the November elections, and John Boehner is, as they say, measuring the curtains for his House Speaker‘s office.

A lot of folks who are working, who have jobs, are working even today… there’s not a lot of money to be made if you’ve managed to get a part-time store job, but take the day off. Government offices will be closed, however, and there won’t be any mail. My father always worked on Holidays… his Connecticut drugstore made its buck with family (often me) in the employee slots. I remember being in the store on Labor Day (and Easter, and Christmas, and 4th of July… you get the picture?) for the people who were picking up their tanning oil, cigarettes and soda… and a few prescriptions of course.

Somehow, Labor Day doesn’t have the kind of force as a holiday that nit used to. School starts for kids a week or two before Labor Day now, so it isn’t really the hard-edged end of summer. The Baseball season is going to run into October, so it isn’t ending here, either.

And when you are retired, every day is Labor Day. So?

(btw, labor images are from Bill ‘s Cast O’Characters, $29.95 at UTF Type Foundry.)

We’ve got the day off as 4th of July Holiday continues…

No mail or UPS delivery today, so I’m still without my own computer. Meanwhile, as I have temporary access to my wife’s mac, I get to check my e-mail and put some stuff up.

Here’s something you might not have seen yesterday:

It’s Cinco De Mayo…

My wife told me this morning she didn’t know what Cinco de Mayo meant, other than an excuse to drink Margaritas. I admit, I didn’t know anything beyond the fact that it is a Mexican holiday. So I looked it up.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s underdog victory over French forces on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.

OK… now I know. So to all but the French (who I am sure don’t celebrate this), Happy Cinco de mayo. Don’t drink and drive.

And here’s an Arizona Radio ad in opposition to that state’s new immigration law:

Merry Christmas

Elly and I are enjoying our Xmas morning, having slept late and now finishing our favorite holiday breakfast (adapted to our new Vegan status) of potatoes and “sausage”… and we are watching C-Span discuss favorite non-fiction books of the year with the call-in audience.

As usual during a holiday, there is no real political activity going on… at least not on television… but we will undoubtedly return to the lively discussion of the merger of the House and Senate bills and the extremes the Republicans will go to in order to (try to) kill it altogether.

We took most of yesterday visiting my Mother in Virginia and my daughter Penny and her sons in Maryland, and came home to our dogs who were VERY upset that they had spent the day without us. Today we spend a lot of time paying attention to them.

I hope all of you have a nice holiday. and drop in again. I don’t know what else I’ll be listing or discussing today, but there is likely to be something. Peace.